Complete Codea Documentation

Hello all!
Just a newbie question here: I was looking at some code examples here on the discussion board, and noticed the use of the class() function, which I was not aware of. It seems there are features of Codea not fully documented in the in-app reference. Are there many other available features/functions not documented within the app? What is the best way to see/learn it all? I want to be a Codea expert :slight_smile:
ps I am well aware of Lua-specific reference material. To be clear, I am interested in a complete documentation of Codea-specific API-type stuff :slight_smile:

  • Brian

The wiki link (shows up in the navigation bar at the top of codea talk pages, as long as you’re signed in) is a good place to start, especially number 8, “beyond the in-app reference”

@iam3o5am - The forum and code examples (not least the CargoBot demo app, which contains a lot of techniques) are probably the best way to pick up Codea-specific stuff.

I also found Codea’s classes difficult to pick up without documentation, so I wrote a few posts about them here

Thank you! Simeon (or anyone else) - are there any plans for a complete documentation? Ignatz, are you still actively posting on coolcodea? Thanks again…REALLY looking forward to doing more with Codea…