@Simeon @John - just a thought, we are all waiting for version 4 and, many of us have seen incompatibilities introduced in beta versions. That is at a trickle rate ie easy to adapt to and accommodate with minor changes in existing code.

Now the question - will version 4 be introducing any significant changes which could mean older version code may need more substantial changes? Just so that we are aware of the scale of change. Thanks.

Both of them appear to be missing in action, haven’t received an answer to my.quick question either for awhile.

yes, they have gone AWOL! Hopefully it means Codea4 is getting close?

I think that’s the case questions have been raised in other threads and issues with the beta raised with no reply so far. The priority is obviously on 4 and I think that’s probably sensible.

Could be an issue with metal, anyone know if you need metal Mac and metal iPad to run fully compatible apps?

@Bri_G every now and then @John gives an update on twitter with videos. All seems to going well as far as i can tell. Lots of major improvements in the works.
I guess you mean M1 Mac/ipad? I don’t think metal relies on M1 chip.

Thanks for the update, will check out @John’s Twitter. Yeah, I meant the new graphics system Apple has introduced in the new generation of Mac’s and Pads. I was under the impression, from comments on the net, that it was integral to running Pad apps on the Mac. Then again I suppose it could be down to the speed benefits of the new hardware making the crossover feasible. Just don’t fancy having to lay out heavy money for the opportunity to code on a big screen then run it.

@Simeon @John - any answer as yet to these questions ? Anyone thinking of buying metal Pads or Mac’s must be wondering what the linkage benefits and issues are.

Also, heard recently that Apple is selling refurbished metal iMacs in the UK. Anyone got any details? Also what does that say for metal Mac reliability?

Another point, looking round computer shop and no metal Mac’s in store, very few in UK - big demand? Problems with kit? Supply of M1 chip ?

Apparently Apple are putting a new metalX chip in the Macbooks. Looks like a good reason to wait before buying.

Latest: Apparently, internet rumours, the metal iMacs are burning SSDs at a faster rate than expected - claims of lifetime as low as a third.