Community "kickstarter" for a working IAP addon.

More and more the Codea community needs a proper integrated IAP addon. Currently I don’t have the time to tackle this project to the level required, but I am prepared to help spec / manage it.

To this end I’m looking to the community to put your money where your mouthes are and agree to contribute to a “kickstarter” like fund to make this a reality.

I propose to start a fund that will be used to pay an experienced forum member who will complete the work and open source their IAP addon (which hopefully will make it officially into a future version of Codea).

To start the fund off I’ll commit $25 (US), I’m guessing at least a couple of hundred dollars should entice someone to have a stab at it. People can either commit publicly via this thread or PM me and I’ll keep a spreadsheet going of who’s committed what (anything from a $5 up) and then send this sheet + plus cash (via Paypal) to the dev once the work is complete, to make things fair I’d ask each contributor to agree to pay all Paypal transaction fees so the final dev can see exactly what they’ll receive.

As we’re talking cash money here I’d request that any dev’s who are interested PM me and we’ll have a chat so that I can ensure they’re capable of completing the job.

Ok - that’s the simple idea, so let’s get this sorted once and for all!

Current pot stands at $100(ish) (US)

Thanks to @Rodolphe, @se24vad @Crumble

EDIT : To incentivise this a little more, the finished code could be distributed directly to people who contribute first and then released to the wider community a couple of months later (at the discretion of the people who actually contribute and the author).


I have it already done :slight_smile: I did it for my game. I could post it once the dust settles with my release.

@pelicantacos - that might be a solution, my offer still stands and I hope some other community members would be happy to contribute too.

Alright, let’s do this! :slight_smile:

I commit 25US$ as well!

@pelicantacos Thanks great news! when do you reckon you could share it?

@Rodolphe : Thanks, I’ve updated the pot total! :slight_smile:

if we get a lua api for it - then count me in: 25EUR (~27$)

@Rodolphe I am in the middle of promoting my app so all my free time is going to that. Probably in about a week–I will shoot for next weekend.

Thanks @pelicantacos, I’m looking forwards to it! And good luck on your promo, it’s always tough…

Agreed! There’s no point in whinging after the fact if this doesn’t ever happen.

For anyone hoping to release any kind of app in the app store to even begin to get noticed amongst the rest you need to have some kind of free demo which people can try out without any risk.

Then once you have their attention, that’s when you can ask for money and get the best chance of a positive response!

I’m preeeeetty sure more people need an IAP implementation… Contribute what you can!!! :slight_smile:

I have to say, my hopes lie on @pelicantacos ’ shoulder now… :slight_smile:

I’m taking an online Xcode/ objective-c course. If I have time (and the skillz) I can jump ahead to the IAP section. The course doesn’t cover building bridges into Lua, the Codea add-on framework etc, so I’ve no idea whether I’ll be successful or not.

Putting a bounty / Kickstarter on something can be really effective of course, but then so can people collaborating on a forum, sharing and open-sourcing their work-in-progress.

@TechDojo What are the spec for this project?

What happens when you try to use @Zoyt 's code (which I guess hasn’t been updated since 2012)?

(I guess what I’m trying to say, if it turns out that Zoyt’s code only needs a few changes here and there to make it functional again, would that really qualify for the bounty?)

@yojimbo2000 I haven’t really looked at @Zoyt’s code so I’m not sure - as far as I’m concerned any workin, easy to integrate solution, easy to extend (single, consumable and potentially subscription based items) for Codea will win the bounty (at least from me anyways). I’ve got an IAP solution working for the “other” Lua platform so I’ve got a rough idea of the callbacks and the steps involved. I’d guess the final approach will be model’ed after this approach.

Feel free to use my addon examples as a base if you want for the Lua side.

I got $25 on it

Hoping for a simple iap solution that is tied into Codea.

Such as:

In setup calling enableIAP()

Being able to set up the item’s price “itemPrice1(.99)”,

Then in your IAP buttons calling itemPurchase1(), itemPurchase2(), etc.

These will obviously only work when it is brought into xcode with the IAP addon implemented into the codea runtime, similar to how showAdFromTop(), hideAd(), etc. work with the iads add on.

A lot harder than it sounds.

@Crumble You have to create each IAP “product” on the iTunes connect website, each “product” then has a unique identifier associated with it. I’m guessing any approach will require you to pass in a table of product identifiers and a callback function that will report success or failure of the store init.

It should also take / return some kind of table that will contain the actual details and localised prices so you can build up your in app shopping cart.

Then when you try and purchase a “product” you’ll need to pass in the unique id again with a callback to notify your app as to whether or not the purchase was successful.

You’ll also need to support a “restore purchases” option that will allow customers to “re-purchase” items for free on other devices (or after a reset / reinstall)

My IAP add-on is a modification of Zoyt’s, but it wasn’t that easy as his was for the old Codea version and there has been several updates to Xcode and with iOS 9, as well. I will try and get the instructions up shortly. I will create a new discussion thread for it.

I think it’s better to continue using this thread for discussion of IAP addons

Ok, well I will do that @yojimbo2000. I’ll put all the steps and files, etc. here.

This is exciting, thanks @pelicantacos !!!