Color Changer (GLSL Chroma Key)

Hi all!
Just want to share my work, this application is a coding challenge for myself – I share it here to inspire newcomers.

The function of this application is quite simple, you can change the color of real world objects by first picking the color you want to change with the color picker, then select the new color you want to place with the color wheel or the RGB slider. The color will change in real-time, this is possible with the help of GLSL.

The next features I want to add are:

  • LAB color slider
  • Container for storing colors
  • Color harmony
  • Better UI symbol
  • and the ability to capture the screen without the GUI obstruction

Known bug:

  • Live image from the front-camera input on the 11” iPad Pro is squashed

(NOTE) This app is optimized for iPad screen layout, not yet tested on devices smaller than 10.2”

Below I have attached some screenshots and the project itself in .zip

@marcelliino nice job, thanks for sharing.

See Colour Selector thread.

This is amazing.

Thanks all, thanks for the info @Bri_G ?

I’ve made a mod of this that scales it down to fit on my iPhone 8 screen, in both portrait and landscape mode.

It should still work on iPads but I haven’t tested it yet.

I had to ditch the cool color-preview-bars to make all the sliders legible, but I’m pretty proud of it still.

file removed, updated file below

@marcelliino would it be OK for me to submit this version as an update in WebRepo? It’s not as pretty on an iPad but at least it works on an iPhone.

If you’re up for it, I think there should be a way to implement your cool color-bar-preview tricks inside the sliders themselves, but that’s a bit too much for me to figure out.

@marcelliino nvm. iPad dimensions are all messed up. I will re-post when I fix that.

@UberGoober I’ll make an update for your request, and sure you can use, modify or upload it freely

@marcelliino this version should look right on both iPhone and iPad.