collisions of 3D rigid bodies?

I was expecting the collide function to be called when a 3D collision occurs, but as far as i can tell it is not the case. Is there an equivalent to the collide function for craft rigid body collisions?

@piinthesky I noticed that also when I wrote my Craft example awhile back. I was going to ask @Simeon about it, but never did. So I guess maybe we’ll find out if there’s going to be a similar Craft collide function.

Hi guys

This is one of those features that didn’t quite make it into Craft initially but is definitely on our roadmap.

@John Thanks. Looking forward to the next release.

@john, yes thanks i was just curious. Actually, the 3d collision stuff is not a big priority for me at the moment. Would rather have the spotlight orientation and robust 3d model loading :wink:

Hi @piinthesky

I can confirm that the spotlight orientation bug is fixed in the 3.0 beta. Would you like access to it?

@john yes please!

@John Could I also have access to the 3.0 beta?