CodeOS - In Progress

I’ve been working on making a windowed environment in Codea for the past few weeks, and I hope for it to be done in a few more.

Once I have it mostly complete (i.e. with a decent UI api, good/useful demo programs, a working built-in text editor and maybe some file system stuff), I’ll be posting the source code here. For now, the source will be on Codea Community once I get CC updated (search CodeOS).


EDIT: Alright, the main code and some demo programs are on Codea Community.

Wow, this looks awesome!

Does anyone have ideas for the CodeOS logo?

By the way, text editor should be done soon!

I had a bit of extra time so I thought it might be fun to make a quick logo.,q4TOoPN#0 and,q4TOoPN#1 (the second one is for a smaller logo). LMK what you think.

Can’t wait to try it.


@FLCode looks great! Thanks.

Zoyt: Thanks, I really like the design. I might remake it with a different font, but other than that it’s great!

Good news, textboxes are almost done!

Alright, it’s mostly complete now. I’ll be posting everything to Github tomorrow.

2 Days Later (Spongebob)
Whats your github

It’s all here:

the text editor doesn’t like arrow keys on an external bluetooth keyboard. this is a pretty cool project tho. great work!

I’ll see if I can make that work, but I’m not sure if it’s possible.

@FLCode - I don’t believe you can, which is disappointing. That being said, Simeon did improve the keyboard API since I last tried this.

@FLCode thanks for sharing.
could you post a single file on github that works standalone?
I have tried to load your various files from github, but codeOS wont run because it cannot read CodeOS_Programs, not sure why…
Having everythingin a single file, inclusing the demo in the main or specific tabs, make it much simpler to get.

@jmv38 grab it from CC, that’s what I did. works like a charm!

@matkatmusic i just did, thanks, but still doesnt work. The problem is with:

local programs = "CodeOS_Programs"

local tabs = listProjectTabs(programs)

for i, v in ipairs(tabs) do

apparently tabs generate an error is ipairs.
i cant even print tabs because it is before main starts, so i dont understand what is going on.
Has anyone on beta(20) tried CodeOS?

btw, CC says it cannot find the asset sever… is it true?

you gotta have a separate project called CodeOS_Programs.

i did. But it wont work. i carefully check project name spelling, but it seems correct…
@FLCode, sorry for being such a noob, but could you make a standalone project instead of 2? I would really like to try your code. Thanks.

Okay, it’s posted as a single project. Sorry about that!