CodeaAddOn with Game Center real-time multiplayer

Looking at this:

…it seems like the CodeaAddOn ability could fairly easily handle simple GameCenter communications.

I’ve done a fair amount with one-to-one Game Center multiplayer communication in native iOS, and while setting up a player connection and authentication and all that would still have to be written natively in Xcode, ultimately, once a match is made, there’s basically just a sendData(…) and a receiveData(…) function that would have to be hooked up via a CodeaAddOn.

Is there documentation on CodeaAddOn somewhere?

@UberGoober I made a 2 player game example using Codea OSC send and receive. The example is somewhere on the forum. Both players had to be on the same network. I’m not sure if there was a way to do it on different networks.

Game Center is one way to do it on different networks. It also does matching and keeps friends lists. That’s why I’m specifically asking about Game Center and CodeaAddOn.

Any pointers on CodeaAddOn besides that one article?