Codea -> XCode.... Eeeckkk!


To any philanthropic Codea, XCode guru’s out there who may be willing to offer some advice!

I’ve built an Codea app which successfully runs on on my iPad2. I now wish to export for XCode to, initially, run on IPad simulator on my iMac, thereafter, to publish as a freebie on appStore.

I sucessfully exported my Codea project to Dropbox, manually including all my sprites, which successfully unpack on my iMac in the /SpritePacks/Documents.spritepack folder.

On opening my projects .xcodeproj file, xcode fires up, successfully loads project, and reports successfull build.

BUT, on running in iPad simulator programme never gets past ‘Built with CODEA’ load screen and XCode seems to report error to do with sprites…


Above link is screen shot of XCode and iPad simulator at crash

I’ve found Codea great to use but have to admit to having never used XCode before so any advice, pointers on the issue would be appreciated.


This has been reported before. If you wait until the v2.0 runtime, it should be fixed. Thanks! (Link is broken too)

Link doesn’t work for me. I recently built my first app - to transfer it I chose to email it as a zip and had no problems

Sorry about the image chaps… it works now.

Will v2.0 be coming soon???

As the .zip file was successfully create in my dropbox and I transferred it to my iMac before unpacking I guess it would be the same as any .zip file I’d emailed though thanks for pointing that option out

Is it important where on my iMacs HD I unpack the projects .zip file?

Thanks for suggestions. I’m hoping some of you, much smarter than me, have managed a way round similar issues and may have a solution to offer.


Version 2 is in beta at the moment. Lots of great features. Looks like it’s getting quite close to production ready.

The excitement is killing me!!

Very excited about v2 also. Positively drooling over its features. Anyone in the know able to give a rough eta?

@ScottDafydd - hard to say (that is up to Simeon), there are still some editor issues, we’re down to the quirky little things now, but better to get them fixed. The testers are doing a great job finding potential problems.

@Ignatz - yes, definitely. We appreciate the work you’re all doing. Devs and Beta testers!

Am too looking forward to next release.
In meantime, after more detailed research through forums managed to export my App from Codea, load into Xcode, compile and successfully run in iPad simulator.

It was an issue with readImage() and saveImage() which in my case, was simply fixed

Thanks for suggestions

What are the features for 2.0? I hope sound intergration via Dropbox is one of them…