Codea vs. Pythonista 3

I want to know whats better Codea or Pythonista?
I think Codea is better to create games and start programming.
But What is really better?

@Silvio2400 Do a forum search for Pythonista. There were a lot of discussions that came up. I’ve never used Pythonista, so I can’t give you any suggestions other than doing the search while you wait for other comments.

Edit: I guess I could say that the one that’s better is the one that does what you want it to do. That might come down to you getting both and using them to see for yourself.

both apps are fantastic! Codea is great for making games. Pythonista is great for processing data or making tools for the ipad. Pythonista is more difficult to learn, though, because of all the python libraries.