Codea Version Updates?


I’ve Codea 1.5.3 installed on my iPad but note in your forums your are now up to version 1.5.5!

How do we get updates as neither version 1.5.4 or 1.5.5 has been offered as available to me through app store updates???

Also, I see version 2.0.0 is undergoing testing before release and is to contain access to Location Services. Will this also provide access to Compass???

Do please advise


@TonyRS Location Services will give you Latitude, Longitude, Horizontal accuracy, Vertical accuracy, Speed, and Course. Not sure if that’s what you’re after with Compass.

Yes, positional info from GPS, Lat & Long, will be a great addition to Codea but along with that, I feel directional information from internal Compass is important and in all practicality goes hand in hand with GPS positional info (plus, I’d need it for implementing my apps)

And, just to clarify, COURSE, calculated between GPS fixes is seperate and distinct from current compass HEADING

Yours hopefully!!!

@TonyRS Not sure what Speed and Course actually does. Walking around I get values of -1 which indicates an invalid value. So I don’t know how fast you have to be moving to get valid values.

Not sure either, until a system like Codea, allows me access to GPS and Compass data!

However, I guess, Course and Speed normally calculated between last two GPS fixes or may be averaged over a number of GPS fixes to dampen differing inaccuracies between fixes.
If you are not actually MOVING I guess course and speed is not a valid calculation, so maybe it returns -1 in such cases?

However, whether or not you are MOVING the internal Compass should provide a valid heading


@TonyRS I can’t say how the location services are supposed to work. I’m just testing the new release to find bugs.

At present, we don’t (in the beta - which is the precursor of Codea 2.0) have access to the Compass. I’ve been asking for this as I think it would open up a whole range of possibilities, so you can be sure that the developers are aware of the desire to have it. Often with things like this they want to be sure that they expose it in the right way to Codea, and don’t add unnecessary overhead to projects that don’t use it. So hopefully it will come soon, but maybe not in the next major update.

OK, thank you for you time in replying. As I’ve, obviously, no access to Version 2, under test, I’m not sure my comments are of much value to you other than perhaps being noted on your “wish list”

(Unless you are looking for any more testers?)


Incidentally, neither dave1707 nor I are developers of Codea. We’re beta testers. But we’ve both been using Codea long enough that we have a fair sense of how the developers work, and that there are lots of things that they’d like to implement, but they don’t have infinite time so have to prioritise.

OK, understood

Simeon, John, and Dylan are the developers of Codea, mostly Simeon. :slight_smile:

@TonyRS: I’m curious about you not getting the 1.5.5 update. Is it possible that you really have the 1.5.5 version, but that the note “NEWS AirCode - New in 1.5.3” on the bottom of the Codea home screen gives the impression that 1.5.3 is still what you’re on? (It certainly confused me.)

Ah! Yes, indeed, I think you may well be correct, it was the AirCode note that through me.

Pressing the twolivesleft icon in the lower right corner will show the current version of Codea.

Thank you for that. Seems, afterall, I have version 1.5.5(21)

@dave1707 @simeon the localisation service sounds very interesting. It would be great if the gps time could also made available. I have an idea for an app that would rely on time synchronisation between ipads.