Codea tools: debug, version control, sharing ....


I am quite new to Codea but I am finding myself more and more time using it. I am at a point where I need more tools.
The 2 most important are probably version control and debugging (but not limited to). Until now I am just using print/console but it’s becoming very tedious.

I found some code on this forum from 2012/2013/2014 but most of them are not working out of the box.

Any help/links would be very appreciated.

Thank you.

@dlpnet download the Working Copy app and use the synced folder feature to use your Codea projects with git. I’ll post a tutorial shortly

@Simeon @dlpnet Working Copy’s Documentation has a nice section about folder syncing and it also mentions Codea in Section 5.4 on File Sync. There is even an embedded Video Tutorial.

Excellent … just tried Working Copy and it’s working exactly as expected. Thank you @exomut @Simeon

Anything about debugging ?

@dlpnet unfortunately not yet, I’ve been looking at the Lua debug library and how we could use it in the future