Codea Talk update

So far I don’t like the changes to Codea Talk. New discussions are moved to the top, but they’re not highlighted. The number of posts that a member has made is 0 unless they started the discussion and made a comment in it. All the other members commenting have post count of 0. How I respond to a post is determined by the number of posts they’ve made. Since the post count doesn’t show when they start a discussion, I’m not sure how to respond.

EDIT: I like the View count.

I agree with @dave1707, other than view count I dislike all the new changes.

Discussions I haven’t seen don’t say they are new, the flow is weird, and the new look hurts my eyes.

Agree re highlighting new discussions and the post count.

For me, the new layout looks reasonable on the iPad, but the text is smaller on my PC now, and rather faint.

I also don’t know why the forum logo has to take up so much of the page that I can only see one current thread on my iPad, and two on my PC. Surely the logo could be way, way smaller, being the least important thing on the page?

Apologies, will try to get these things fixed shortly. The update was necessary because of a security vulnerability in the previous version of vanilla — the other changes weren’t intentional.

Edit: post counts fixed

I like it, the only thing I really want back is the “new” box on discussions with unread comments. It’s kind of hard to tell the difference between the light grey and the white backgrounds.

Edit: I wish the notifications tab was selected automatically when you open your profile :-?

Things where new posts have been made are scattered and not on time. Dislike this a lot.

as Bortels said once: ’ AAAAAARRRRGH! change! change Bad! Hate change!

order of posts was really better before

Hi All,

I echo @Ignatz comments about the font and the faint appearance. Is it possible to have these editable locally to meet your own requirements?

Some of the features, like the page numbers (when there are multiple pages) at the top as well as bottom, are a great improvement. Found it annoying to have to scroll to the bottom of the current page to select the page needed - especially since the latest entry was always last on the last page!!!

The latest entry should be the first entry on the first page.

Since the introduction of these minimal GUIs I feel that both app and web access ability has moved well away from the initial objectives.

Just look at the Vanilla website Vanilla

Similar fonts made worse, in some sections, by pale blue text on a white background!!! Accessibility should make reading easier and less likely to give you headaches.

If you do use pale fonts a larger font size and bolder case would be better.

The pages look OK on my iPad and PC but they could be better.

Gripes over.



Bug - The little star used to toggle bookmarks on and off, disappears when it is on (ie a thread is bookmarked).

@Ignatz It still sets that discussion as bookmarked. On the right side under “New Discussion” you’ll see a category that says “My Bookmarks” when you have some set. Selecting that will show all of your bookmarked discussions.

@Ignatz After I select a discussion as bookmarked, I don’t know how to unselect it.

@dave1707 - that’s what I was getting at!

@Ignatz I figured out how to get the star back after its gone. Tap where the star was. You’ll see a dark square pop up and then disappear. Tap the discussion area just to the left of the little gear. The star should return.

@dave1707 - btw, have you figured out how to copy code off a forum post yet, with the latest iOS?

@Ignatz I figured that out long ago and posted how to do it. If the code can be seen on one screen, long pressing will usually select all the code to copy. If the code is longer than one screen, you have to do a double tap and drag. In other words, do a double tap over some text and on the second tap, drag your finger about an inch. That should create the 2 drag icons that you can then move around to select all of the code.

Sorry about the changes. As I said, they were not intentional and I’m trying to revert them. We had to upgrade vanilla due to a critical security issue, otherwise we wouldn’t have changed anything.

@dave1707 - that solution worked at the time, but it only works occasionally for me. It’s a real pain copying text now.

@ignatz for posts with a single code bloc, you can use CodeaShowcase, it still works to get code from a link

@Ignatz I have no problems copying forum text using the above method. It’s not as easy as it used to be, but it gets the job done. It seems the more ios updates there are, the worse things get.