Codea Talk question

@sim Question about Codea Talk. Every now and then I’ll get an email showing [Codea Talk] Summary. In the latest one that I got

it shows a topic by @Bri_G, Time of the Year. I don’t see that topic at all in Codea Talk. I see the one from @Amber Happy holidays.

@Bri_G, is that topic still there for you.

This happened one other time for the topic about the Cloth Simulation. I didn’t see that one until @Bri_G replied to it.

@dave1707 - I’ve noticed many times that the forum can pop up in diffent formats. My post is still there. Try tapping the Codea symbol in the top left of the website

@Bri_G It doesn’t matter how I display the topics, that one of yours doesn’t show up. Here’s a photo showing what topics I see.

Your topic was on the 24th so it’s 6 days old and should be showing before the Codea 3.7 (369) topic at 7 days.

This is what I (dave1707) see when I log in as a non moderator. The “Time of the Year” topic is showing up at 4 days. There is also a “Learn to Codea” topic that looks like it’s pinned at the top that I don’t see as a moderator.

@dave1707 - Sure it was there this morning but I think the forum rotates and categorises posts Checking again just now it wasn’t there. Dug around for it in various posts found it in uncategorised postings recent images on my phone attached whilst searching

@Bri_G If I select uncategorised, then I see that topic. Just seems strange that all categories doesn’t show all the topics. Wonder if this is a forum bug.

@sim Just seems strange that if I’m not logged in to the forum, I see the “Time of the Year” topic. If I’m logged in as a normal user I can see it. If I’m logged in as a moderator, I don’t see it. All of there are with all categories selected.

mnn… I pinned that “Learn to Codea” to the top, thought that was just for me?!

@Amber Did you unpin it. I haven’t seen it after I saw it that one time.

Actually, I still see it if I’m not logged in, but I don’t see it when I’m logged in as a moderator.

I didn’t unpin it, it seems like a good resource to have near ^^

@Amber Maybe it’s just me, but I never liked things pinned at the top of the forum. It’s taking up space and pushing everything also farther down the screen. When looking at the forum on a phone, you have to scroll past the pinned topics to see what’s new. Right now I’m logged out of the forum on my phone and 2 pinned topics take up the whole screen. To me, constantly seeing the same thing get annoying after awhile.

Being logged in as a moderator, I don’t see those 2 pinned topics, so it doesn’t bother me. Not sure about anyone else though.

you see 2 pinned topics on your other acc? I only see the one I pinned.
I also bookmarked it so it can be unpinned if it bothers anyone.

If I’m logged out I see 2. Try logging out and looking at the forum and see if there are 2 pinned for you.

oh yes, I do see 2 pinned topics when logged out.

I see 2 when logged out and I don’t see any when logged in as moderator. I don’t like it when things don’t work consistently or I don’t know why.