Codea strobing

It seems to me that sometimes when codea is opened from the multitask tray there is a strobing light that flickers between the screen you were on (editor/viewer/home screen) and a plain black screen, this happens on my iPad 3rd gen and I’m not being funny but doesn’t strobing lights cause some epileptics to fit? I feel like I have a headache when I look at it so I’d find it hard to know what would happen in other circumstances, correct me if I’m wrong?

I’ve been getting that same problem lately as well. It usually indicates that Codea is about to crash (at least for me it does). I have been restarting Codea every time I see this happen and sometimes even before it does to prevent it. It seems to occur most often when switching between projects a lot. Hopefully next version fixes it.

@Luatee, I have never run into that problem (iPad 2 Wi-Fi iOS 6.1.3).

I’ve never had it flicker between a black screen, but a few times I’ve tried to run a project and it was paused on first frame, and was flickering.

@Slashin8r that was my thought as well, the strobe indicates a some sort of leak in memory and it crashes a few minutes after, text disappears in paragraphs and sometime I lose all the icons on my codea homescreen