Codea Scratchpad

Hi everyone

You should have seen this on TestFlight recently. If you get a chance to try it, please let me know what you think.

I’m going to take some ideas from the project browser screen to move into the full version of Codea. And I think the ability to swipe back from running projects is vastly superior (even if it means giving up supportedOrientations outside of Xcode export).

Personally, I don’t like the swipe and would not like to see it in the main Codea project. I like the ability to keep as much control in my own program as I can.

Maybe instead of all the left/right swipes, why not something like the iPad has where you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up a bunch of icons that allow you to do something. Maybe some user definable icons.

about codea page is messed up in landscape orientation

what i would personnally like for the swipe-to-close:

  • swipe right side to center to close running ptoject.
  • same to go back to project browser.
    Left to right swipe is painful to me: i am right handed, i hold the ipad in my left hand, and use my right hand to tap. right side to left is much easier.
    And not having the same to close the editor feels … odd? uncomplete?
    Just my personnal feedback.

@Andrew_Stacey and it’s the wrong link! Thanks for finding that.

The about page says “rate Codea”.

This is the final Scratchpad build barring any major bugs. Thank you everyone for all your reported issues — and your Codea 2.1 feedback too. There is no way these products would be as good without it!

It’d be nice to be able to restore example projects individually, rather than all or nothing

Anytime I want to alter an example, I copy it to another project. When I’m done with it, I delete it. No need to restore it.

@JakAttak thanks for the report. Good to know those bugs were fixed.

Submission to the app store is happening tonight and the planned features/fixes are:

  • Make buttons more responsive when opening projects (show loading indicator)
  • Optimise project loading speed
  • Optimise laggy scrolling (if possible)
  • Add credits section
  • Camera authorisation should only be requested on API use
  • Fix OpenGL rendering on viewer transition in (as in @Zoyt’s second video)
  • Add small physics demo and anything else that can make it in

The orange text in the Parameters window is larger than in normal Codea

@SkyTheCoder it can’t be set via function because you could potentially call the function after the runtime has been presented (this is also an issue with supportedOrientations) . As @Andrew_Stacey says, maybe the swipe gesture is really not very useful and doesn’t matter in the full version of Codea?

@JakAttak sorry, it’s in the reference but I forgot to update the localization strings, so it’s not showing. Will fix. supportedOrientations() is the only command which is not supported.

At the moment no swipe + supportedOrientations because I can’t find a way to do it without hacks. But I’m still trying — I don’t think supportedOrientations is a big deal in Scratchpad. It is valuable in Codea though.

@Zoyt it’s quite smooth on my iPad 3, but yeah there is an occasional stutter on that device.

The scrolling seems marginally better, but not much. Other than that, it looks pretty good. Thanks for adding a clearer loading state when opening projects.

@Simeon, how come there can’t be both the swipe and supportedOrientations?

Also, on that note of commands not in Scratchpad, any plan to modify the Reference to remove things that aren’t supported?

@jmv38 The left-to-right swipe is just a standard backwards gesture in iOS. I also tend to swipe with my right hand, but it feels okay to me (most navigation on iOS occurs from the right, so it makes sense to start the back gesture from the left). There is always the button which you can tap with your thumb.

Agree that the editor should have a similar gesture, it won’t make it in to Codea Scratchpad but I think it’s possible.

@Andrew_Stacey I like the swipe, but I also miss supportedOrientations(). So I’m trying to think of a compromise.

@dave1707 that could be interesting, but it might interfere with the Control Center gesture (it would trigger both at once). I’ll keep it in mind.

@JakAttak thanks for the note on the credits, will fix.

What about a function you could call such as useSwipeGesture(true/false) that toggled it in the project, for things such as a drawing program where you could drag from the left side of the screen to the right without meaning to close the project?

Edit: related to JakAttak’s comment below, I see nothing about supportedOrientations not working in Scratchpad in the referencel

So I spent a lot of time optimising build 3. Let me know if it’s noticeably better for you.

@Zoyt thanks! Glad you like it.

  • Weird that it shrinks into the wrong project for you too. I have an iPad mini on iOS 8 and an iPad 3 on iOS 7 and cannot reproduce this. I’ll keep trying.
  • The dequeuing is an issue. Going back and forth a bit will cache them and make it smoother. I’ll see if I can make it smoother.
  • The camera thing bugs the hell out of me
  • The editor doesn’t disappear off the screen? Any chance of getting a screenshot?