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Hi everyone,
so here’s the start of our wiki, if you have some free time, make sure to contribute. Since the old wiki is outdated, I decided to start a new, fresh one.

#Good Sources

#What is allowed?

  • In general, anything that helps writing good code, anything that documents the abilities of Codea and pieces of code that are used.
  • Large projects like Soda can also have an article (@yojimbo2000). All projects that have made a history in this Codea are allowed (Codea Community, …)
  • Anything that helps: Tutorials, tips on how to code better.
  • Keep everything objective. No opinions!

#What is not allowed?

  • Storing Code. Seriously, it’s not a joke.

If you have questions regarding the Wiki, you can ask them in this topic, or in the Wiki Discussions.