Codea memory usage

@Simeon I’m wondering what Codea does with memory usage for projects. The reason I ask is because I was seeing what apps I could delete and re-download to clear memory used by them so I could free up as much memory as I could for when I update to iOS 11. When I looked at Codea on my iPad Air, I noticed that the Documents & Data size was 340.9 MB. I then looked on my iPad Pro where I loaded Codea and all of my projects from the iPad Air a few months ago. The Documents & Data size on it was 64.4 MB. There’s going to be a little difference with the number of projects since I don’t keep them synced, but only a few projects and not more than a few pages each in length. I’m just wondering why there’s such a big difference in memory usage. Codea has been running on my iPad Air for a few years and I’m constantly deleting and creating projects. Is Codea not freeing the memory used after a project is deleted. If I save all of my projects (509 of them) in one big text file, the size is only 1.5 MB. I’m not sure what the 340.9 MB of memory is being used for since Codea itself is only 70.3 MB in size. The total size of memory used by Codea is 411.2 MB.

EDIT: My Mail app is using 733 MB even though I don’t save any of my emails or attachments. Does that mean that Apples iOS doesn’t know how to free up memory once something is deleted.

If you have a lot of assets in Codea, those may be what fill up most of the memory. I was having the same problem until I found the useless assets and deleted them.

@em2 I only have a few non Codea assets and they aren’t that big.

Weird. What iOS version are you on? Here are some options you might consider (both I have tried)
If you don’t want to update, jailbreaking can help clear away a lot of junk because it allows you to have access to Codea system files. There are also many cleaner apps only available on jailbroken devices that may help.
If you are afraid of jailbreaking, try backing up your device to iTunes on a pc or Mac then using a backup browser.

@em2 I know that if I delete all of my Mail accounts and load them back, that will clear my Mail memory usage because I’ve done that once already. The same thing will probably happen if I delete Codea, but I’m not sure. This is probably an issue with iOS memory management and not Codea. I’m just not ready to delete Codea and load all of my projects back.

Using a backup browser allows you to remove unnecessary files from the iOS file system, or even apps—how it was before iOS 8.3.

@dave1707 It could be some temporary files that are generated and re-used by Codea for efficiency purposes. These include vector assets that get rendered and saved to a file at a particular scale.

@John I hope it’s not temporary files. I deleted Codea and loaded all of my 523 projects back. Before I deleted them, Codea took up 429.4 MB, 100.0 MB for Codea and 329.4 MB for Documents and Data. After I loaded my projects back, Codea took up 100.0 MB and the Documents and Data was 39.2 MB for a total of 139.2 MB. That’s a difference of 290.2 MB. I think something is wrong either with the way Apple reclaims deleted space or the way Codea does. I think it’s Apple because the Apple Mail app does the same thing. Mail keeps taking up more and more space even though I delete my mail.

EDIT: The new Documents and Data space was actually 81.9 MB not 39.2 . I forgot to download the music and sound files. That’s still over 200 MB of unused space.