Codea Meetup in San Francisco - Sunday 16th of March

Hi everyone,

This year I will be attending GDC (Game Developer Conference) and will be in San Francisco the weekend before. On Sunday the 16th of March, we are organising a friendly lunch for Codea users to meet a member of Two Lives Left (namely me).

To give us an idea of numbers we’ll need you to confirm your attendance before the 20th of February. There will be more details available as GDC draws closer.

Hope to see you there!

I wish I could be there, but it’s a bit to far, maybe another time

But thanks for the effort anyway @John

I’d love to attend in person, but school and work wont let me leave. I could attend via Skype

@John I think that I could make that work.

Sadly, this is the last day of break for me. I’d really love to go to GDC and meet up with TLL some time, but it doesn’t work out. :frowning:

No money for travel here… and definitely not tickets for GDC itself.

A group Skype call might be nice, but I highly doubt I’d be able to do it. (Mom doesn’t want me Skyping with people I haven’t met in real life.)

@SkyTheCoder, @CodeaNoob - How would a Skype conversation be set up?

Start of february isn’t a great time to be saving for a holiday in the middle of march! I’d love to go to GDC but I don’t think I could ever make it with 2 months notice!

I just wanted to clarify that the meetup coincides with the Sunday before GDC but it isn’t officially part of the event or taking place inside the convention centre etc. It was more of a casual meetup for people able to make it to San Francisco on that weekend.

Would love to see San Fran and meet the guys who made my favourite ever iPad app but flight from London might be a bit pricey! :slight_smile:

@ScottDafydd + 1, in my case it’s further, literally on the other side of the world

Where are you @Ignatz?

@ScottDafydd - Perth Australia

Perth is pretty much the other side of [fill in the blank] from everywhere :slight_smile: Not meant in any way, shape, or form as negative towards Perth.

@Ignatz you’d probably be better of coming to see us in Adelaide :stuck_out_tongue:

@John If no one else is showing up I might just tag along with my wife to GDC

@Briarfox - do an informal interview for all of us!

@Ignatz or I could come up with an excuse to go to Australia and meet up with you and the TLL guys.

@Briarfox + 1 :-bd

@ScottDafydd - another Londoner. How refreshing! :wink:

Alas, mortgages, kids, partner etc… means I will have to duck this one. Although I do have some friends in Adelaide - maybe one day :smiley: