Codea-like Programming/Prototyping Environment for the iPad

Hello All!

Here is another Lua based programming/prototyping environment which reminds me a lot of Codify (back when people still called it that). I think it just started up; it is called Scriptkit and can be found here: It is available on the app store for FREE, but you have to pay $12.00 (really $11.99, but who is that fooling) to get the ability to save projects. But if you are content with only working on a project once, I guess thats ok… Any way, I thought this would be cool to look at and play around with.

ScriptKit has been brought up here before. I’m sorry to sound rude, but if you are going to bring up another IDE, please mention it only it if you need help translating code or want to suggest a feature that the IDE demonstrates. Anyways, I have purchased ScriptKit and was very disappointed. While some of the features are cool, they have no resources for help (except for a tiny forum), it is super difficult to edit the code, and, in my case, simply rips you off. This is just a quick warning, in case you haven’t bought it yet.
Anyways, on a more positive note, we want you to love coding, even if it’s not in Codea, so if you like it, that’s great!

Yup, I got suckered by the ScriptKit hype last year and was pretty disappointed. :frowning:

Whilst it appears to have a nice range of standard UI widgets (something that keeps cropping up on the Codea forums), support for playing audio and video etc… I really have found it limiting, unless its for prototyping standard iOS style apps? Their online forum is hardly a ‘buzzing community’ like on here ( think they’ve only had a handful of posts over the last few months) which is worth it’s weight in gold as most people on here will testify.

I’m sure they even claimed in the blurb on the App Store a while back it can export to XCode, never been able to find any reference to this in the docs or a runtime library etc… So I assume it can’t.

Never mind - quite happy with Codea thank you very much :slight_smile:

Yeah, what he said. :slight_smile:
I am soooooo impressed with Codea, but I’ve hardly done anything with it yet. I have been playing with Pythonista, Codea, and ScriptKip for a couple days.

But the one thing I really want in Codea, is UI stuff. I know its really designed for artistic purposes, games, etc. But, I want to quickly whip up apps for my clients and Codea with the Runtime Library would be sooo perfect for that, if it only had some forms and tables UI, and preferably SQLite. (if it does have this, and I am mistaken, forgive me, I just missed it so far)
I’ve spent a little time browsing the forums here, and I can’t agree more, its gold! I am looking forward to spending more time with Codea! (and runtime lib) ScriptKit is just , eh… ok if you want forms UI. But not much help on the forums, in fact, no link to forums on their front page!
Anyway, just wanted to put in my 2 cents, not that it means much at this point. Great community and awesome app here! Nice job to the TLL people! (and putting out that runtime is genius!)