Codea is the best coding app I've seen

I’ve been coding with codea for about 3 weeks and I made big progress. I started understanding how coding works. I tried to make a 3D I managed to get a cube it didn’t look right :confused: I also managed to make a menu too. My friend told me about a app called Pythonista i notice it’s sorta like lua. So it was a little easy to start making rectangles and stuff. Pythonista also has a lot of bugs but it’s still cool. Anyway the point is Pythonista has a script UI I was wonder if something like that can be added in codea?

the makers of Codea do not plan to add a UI natively. But several people developped add-ons for this. The most famous is ‘cider’, look for ot in the forum.

I got to use Codea for the first time today… I was helping at our Academy’s code camp for kids.
I liked it… made me jealous there was no technology when I was their age.

Codea 10/10. IPad(with touch screens out of calibration) (5/10) Multiplied by the power of 12… and minus 1 after lunch… and pizza…

Which brings me to my next point… I don’t like IPads… which brings me to my other point… do you guys think the devs would mind if I hi-jack Codea somehow from the Apple Store and port to Android? :>

evil smirk >:) mwuheheheh

do you guys think the devs would mind

just a little, I would guess…

But an Android version wouldn’t be the same without the great forum support. That is a big part of what has made Codea so much fun for many of us.

(PS I also pre-date technology, and I love iPads. Best device I ever bought).

(PS I also pre-date technology, and I love iPads. Best device I ever bought).

Mac never did anything that I wanted when I was a kid… which was … no decent QuakeWorld support… and no option for “bind mouse2 +jump”… then they ruined everything when the first gen ipod decided it didn’t want to play MP3 because of ‘poor’ sampling…

do you guys think the devs would mind ?

just a little, I would guess…

I shall call my clone… Droidea! and I will forward all tech-support/bugs to these forums…

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for

Actually @Simeon has said that they hope someone would attempt a port when they open sourced the runtime (which they have). So I suppose they would not mind.

Taken from the FAQ:

Will there be an Android version of Codea? There are no plans at the moment to build an Android version. We hope someone attempts this when we start open sourcing the backend of Codea.

@Ignatz the forum support would still be available since a runtime port would not change the Codea APIs

@NeoBeum, here is the runtime (for Codea 1.4) if you are serious about trying to port it: I suggest taking a look and then contacting Simeon for the latest version if you want to port it.

@NeoBeum, If you are seriously planning on porting the Codea-Runtime the Mono Project would be worth a look.

You could wrap the current runtime and then use Platform Invokes (P-Invoke) to avoid re-writing things :wink:

I was sort of joking… sort of contemplating it… just to practice programming as I’m studying…

I was actually just more trying to get a reaction from one of the developers… at Two Lives Left… because I like to play jokes… but also because… I was incognito… >-) and I am one of the Dev’s padawan learner. I joined the forums last week because I had to quickly learn Codea basics as I was asked by my school to be a teacher’s aide for @John during a school holiday code-camp program for school students.

I told him I was going to port Codea because I didn’t like iPads… and he laughed at me… and said ‘Good Luck’

Joke’s on me… (Because I am terribad-programmer) :-S

@NeoBeum I’ve never heard of an iPad’s touch screen calibration being off. Is there a way to recalibrate it?

@yojimbo2000 Many of the kids ipads had seen better days… cracked screens or droppages… that or I have fat fingers… the IPads probably have a touch calibration in service mode. Most electronic stuff do. The equipment I used to fix had factory locks to prevent people from breaking other things… I haven’t tinkered with Apple stuff other than jailbreaking my work phone to use it as a portable drive… but I’m willing to bet if there is a screen re-cal, they’ve tucked it away somewhere with the factory service mode.

I once worked with a class of school kids briefly, using a pool of communal iPads, and I saw problems I’ve never seen before. Shared devices are not treated well.