"Codea is no longer available"

I get the message “Codea is no longer available” whenever I try to open Codea. If I go to the App Store, it acts like it’s not downloaded. What’s happening?

And if I should try re-downloading Codea, how do I get all my projects out if I can’t open the app?

Edit: The problem has to be something with the beta. TestFlight no longer shows Codea in my apps, so that must be why it won’t work. @Simeon, some help? (Changed category to Beta so the discussion won’t be visible to just anyone)

Maybe the next version is being loaded.

@dave1707 It’s not loading anything, it just won’t open. I just realized the reason it says it’s not installed on the App Store is because it’s installed through TestFlight, but still, how do I get my files off of it?

@skythecoder get your files out via ifunExplorer and a pc. Then delete codea. Reinstall from app store. Put you files back with ifunExplorer.

@SkyTheCoder When I had Codea installed thru TestFlight, I didn’t have to do anything with my projects/files. When I wanted the normal Codea, it just reloaded it. It should be like reloading any other app you deleted. It should know that Codea thru TestFlight is different from the normal Codea and reload the normal Codea without doing anything to the existing projects/files.

@SkyTheCoder Whatever you do, don’t delete Codea or all of your projects/files will be gone. I did that by mistake and found out the hard way. I had to reload 300+ projects after downloading Codea again. I don’t understand why Codea won’t reload.

Alright, I backed up my Codea projects using iExplorer on my Mac, turns out I didn’t even need to because installing Codea from the App Store didn’t remove my projects.

Still, @Simeon, why was Codea removed from TestFlight?

this might have something to do with apple launching the integrated ios8 test flight?

EDIT: figured it out, the provisioning profile expired

Sorry everyone. Yes, the profile expired. I’ll try to have the next version ready this weekend.

I might try move us onto Apple’s TestFlight program too (if it looks easy enough).

@Simeon, Apple’s TestFlight program doesn’t support anything pre iOS 8, so I think sticking with the legacy might be better (it also is simpler to maintain IMO)