Codea Game/App Challenge (Win Prizes from ThatDeveloperMarket)

Hey, I’m a codea n00b - Migrating from GameSalad & Corona SDK,
I’m an indie developer myself as of 4 years, I mainly do enterprise/corporate apps but now I’ve moved onto doing my own stuff,

About the competition

There are two ways you can enter:

  • Comment below/email us With screenshots/video an app/game that you have already made with Codea & Has been successful in your own opinion (Either comment below or email us here: info @

*Create/Submit a codea template to (Can be one that is free)

Prizes “Show me the MONEY”

First Prize:

$30 Voucher From That Developer Market & Ad space for your game/app/business for 2 weeks!

Second Prize:

Cut the rope type UI:

Third & Fourth Prize:

Africa Safari Graphic Pack:

I don’t think this forum is the place for ads like this.

I much prefer the way we share code and solutions freely between us, to trying to monetise them. There is never going to be enough money in it to make it worthwhile. And if any of us do have spare cash to put into Codea related stuff, I think many would agree it should go back to Two Lives Left, to support further development of Codea.

So, speaking purely for myself, I welcome you as a Codea user, but please stop trying to sell us stuff.

Agreed! @ignatz


This is my an ad first of all, it’s a competition to win stuff on the store…

Second of all, being an indie developer myself:
Every single SDK available Allows people who use the SDK to seel “code snippets” or “templates”

Take a few sdk’s for example:
-Corona SDK - They have a marketplace for sales of code templates; also refer to,

  • GameSalad SDK also has a marketplace for code snippets/templates
    -Unity3D SDK also has a marketplace,

It is a common practice to sell snippets of code/ or templates, I am in no way monetizing codea, But only allowing for the selling of templates for it.

While I am all for two lives left receiving money for their excellent product!, The people who make the code in codea have a right to sell that code/program.

As per your comment about to making it worthwhile, This is indeed a big area, the sales of templates,It helps people learn; Have a look at for GameSalad and corona…the sales of templates is a very viable area, By making a comment like this, I assume you are new to the whole “Indie Developer” area…

I am not “trying to sell you stuff” I offered a purely friendly competition with my business to welcome myself into this community, And I’m not feeling “welcomed” at all… I am giving away stuff as prises and your telling me I’m selling stuff… I sure was hoping for a better welcome to this community then your comment…

I am disappointed…

Come on pull yourself up! You’ll survive this… :wink:

For the further development of Codea I would like to also make a financial contribution essential. Can not make such a donation via Paypal you. EVERYDAY I first check what’s new in Codea and try any damages or programs.
I hope you at Codea long so continue as before.

I’ve come to a decision to close this until I learn more about the community here, I thank you ALL for your comments & Responses