Codea for Mac

I would pay $59.99 for Codea to come to the Mac Store and be able to write Mac Apps in Lua.

Why don’t ou just download the normal lua? It’s free and can be downloaded. Search online. If you don’t find. Search on GitHub, there is surly something. If it works on Windows it will surly work on mac

There are other desktop based Lua platforms - but I agree Codea would make a fantastic desktop IDE as well :slight_smile:

Why don’t ou just download the normal lua?

Because Codea is not just Lua. It has loads of APIs for OpenGL, device inputs, Box2D etc etc.

I agree that a Mac version of Codea would be awesome (and it’s apparently being worked on?)

My questions:

  • Would the code it makes be largely inter-operable with iOS Codea (baring mouse/ touchpad events rather than touch screen events, no gyroscopes etc)? Would we be able to develop Mac apps on iOS Codea and iOS apps on Mac Codea?

  • Would it compile the Lua code, offering a performance boost over iOS Codea?

  • Would it have other IDE features, tile map, sprite atlas managers etc?

  • How closely would it integrate with Xcode?

Can’t wait to see how it pans out.

Yeah I am working on porting the runtime (initially) to Mac OS X. It’s a reasonably big job because the code spans five years of development. And there is a lot of stuff I wish I didn’t do three or four years ago :slight_smile:

@Simeon I know that pain, I look back at code I wrote years and years ago and I think what was I doing… although it’s good to recognise that we’ve learnt stuff and can now appreciate what and why what we did before was wrong :slight_smile:

@simeon, can you also release the codes for the Codea’s lua to download, so if you don’t need the formatting of beatiful backgrounds, you can just then save files in a normal editor

@Simeon I would be also very happy the day you port Codea to the Mac. Thanks for your fantastic software anyway for ios :smiley:

ps : I’m shure it could become a hit on the osx appstore :slight_smile:

I would love to see a runtime for mac/win. Would this also mean it might be possible to run in browsers?