Codea for grand babies

Somewhere along the testing cycle for Codea I got notified by TestFlight that a new version of Codea was available for testing on my iPhone. I grabbed it and it just worked. Time passed and then it quit being available on my iPhone’s TestFlight. It was probably a mistake and quickly remedied.

I still have Codea running on my iPhone and the other day I was at my son’s house and playing with my 9 month old grand daughter. It was wonderful to be able to make toys for her to play with in real time on my phone. She is easily amused by touching and getting flashes and sounds. Codea is perfect for this and the confines of editing on the phone is not a problem. I even quickly externalized the sounds by way of osc to the house sound system through SonicPi running on a Mac. The iPhone will ultimately time out in a small integer number of days.

@Bejoscha Here a link to a game I wrote that might be of interest for younger kids, not baby’s though. Read through all the discussions to get an idea of how to play as I kept updating the game. I did a lot of starter games for users to take and expand on. This was starter-game-22.

I would be very nice if Codea could also run on the iPhone instead of just the iPad.

@dave1707 Thanks. I just got it and it’s a cool starting point for a game. But you’re right, my 5 months old daughter is still a bit too young for it yet :slight_smile:

@DavidLeibs - deja vu, just developing a simple project for one of my Granddaughters 18 months old. Uses emojis to put up randomly on screen when touched they explode. My 4 year old Granddaughter loves it and asks to play on it when she’s here. Still needs work though. I’ll post when finished but busy on a puzzle project now.

So cool. Care to share some of these baby-games?