codea crashes all time

I dont know what happened, but from now on my Codean crashes all the time! How to solve that without deleting my projects?

I tried soft and hard reset/restart. I tried reinstall Codea, but I think, as soon as I baked up my Documents folder through iExplorer, it began to crash again… Has anyone the same issue and a solution for it?

@se24vad Could you describe what you’re doing and what you see before it crashes.

I’ve had constant crashing since ios7. I just had to figure out what caused it and not do it! What type of crashing are you getting?

its random. sometimes I try to scroll, select a tab or just run the app. it happens almoust every 2 minutes. suddenly codea minimizes, as if I were hitting the home button. when i reopen codea, it shows me for a second the code editor and then jumps back to the project chooser.

@se24vad, I’m having similar issues, but not as often as you are. I’m just waiting with bated breath for the new Codea :-S

I have the same issue

Same with me

Does anyone not have this crashing issue? I would like to know if it’s consistent for everyone on iOS 7.

@Simeon It happens to me, mostly when I press too many buttons.

It happens when I run very short, or very long projects

Codea will crash for me if I try to launch a project from the search window. Codea will also crash if I change to another app and change back to codea. If I touch the codea screen to fast it will crash to project. If I let it sit for 5 or so seconds then I can edit code again without the crash.

I don’t have it much on my iPad 3, maybe once a day, but it seems to happen more when I have CC as a dependency. When it crashes it, it exits to home screen.

I am on ipad1, ios5.1 : no pb at all. Sorry for you, pals.

Anyway for me ios 7 is really very ugly. Perhaps other members are agree with me.
I think ios 8 will be much more beautiful. Unfortunately, we will be obliged to use. My girlfriend is in hospital and for french members the excellent film director is dead yesterday. Good week-end

Hi All,

I have a couple of problems - the shutting down problem with no obvious links to reason why. Secondly, whilst editing, I frequently have a problem with formatting and editing the text. Formatting in that text is out of position and editing in that the deletion, and insertion, of new characters occurs with an offset against the cursor i.e. not the immediate left character.

This may be a feature of cutting and pasting code, but have no clues on when it occurs. I 'll check out if it is retained in saved files. Seen it before iOS 7 but worse in iOS 7.



Hi All,

Follow up from last post - reluctant to delete an re-install Codea due to possible loss in data. Can anyone please describe the levels of resetting the app and re-installing so that I can carry it out without loss of data.



P.s. Problems like this make me frustrated and lose interest.


I’m with @Jmv38. No problems on my iPad 1, iOS 5.1 .

If you are running CC and close it before it finishes a http.request I get a codea crash.

I dont think it’s crashed even once for me.

Running on a 32gb wifi iPad Air with ios 7.0.3

I pray the new Codea version comes soon…