Codea Craft 2.5 (87) Beta

Reply here for bugs.

I assume this must be some kind of private non App Store beta?

@BigZaphod It’s the next Codea release that will contain code for Craft. Currently still in beta testing.

@BigZaphod I added you to the Craft testers stream which will give you access to 2.5 (87) if you’d like to try it.

Hey @Simeon, Thank you for the bug fixes and the twitter message. Now that I got home I could update and take a first look… boy, where do I begin:

The sound generator works again! The sounds are even not played multiple times and overlaying each other anymore - which is great.

You fixed the bug that made the editor scroll while selecting text with the hardware keyboard, but now you introduced other issues as well.

  1. when scrolling the editor up and down, other tabs are scrolled parallelly too. (to visualize this: open a tab. remember you position in code. go to another tab and scroll. go back to previous tab and notice it moved. another way to see this in action is: make a fast swype downwards, and while it animates, select another tab; the contents of that tab will still be scrolling)
  2. You can’t type ~= anymore, if you try then the tide (~) is deleted. Workaround is using software shortcuts or type first = then insert the ~ before it.
  3. CMD+Left works only once and then does the same as ALT+Left (which is not jumping to first character on the current line!)
  4. CMD+right jumps to the left instead of right. But than again, not even to line beginning…
  5. When changing device orientation the editor scrolls to the cursor position. I don’t know if this is a good behavior. I scroll to certain snipped by intention (maybe I review it or I’m just before tapping and editing it) … and do not want the editor to change the focus when I re-oriented my device! (I would rather prefer it the same way you handle orientation changes with pre-selected text)

I will continue to test areas of Codea where I think bugs could also potentially exist, and report if I find any more of them…

Oh, and as always, here are my specs: iPad Pro 12.9" first model, latest iOS11 and latest Codea Beta 2.5 (87) + Apple wireless keyboard

@Simeon @John Tried the AR example on my iPad Pro. Using the camera and walking around the house, I placed cubes on things in different rooms. As I walked around the house again from room to room, I could see the cubes where I placed them. If I stood in the middle of the house and rotated the camera thru 360 degrees, I could see the cubes in the other rooms thru the walls as the camera pointed towards them. Sometimes as I walked around the house, it’s like the iPad couldn’t keep track of where I was and the cube would show in a different spot, but then snapped to the correct spot. I’m sure this is going to be something everyone will be playing with.

@dave1707 hmm, occlusion by real-world-obstacles like walls and wardrobes, stones and whatnot should definetely be possible. Reading the docs I also do not see vertical planes (like for wall posters or something of that kind)

\# Edit: A google search revealed that Apple did not implement yet vertical plane detection (like for walls)

@Simeon @John is ARKit in Codea feature complete or is the documentation just lacking descriptions about certain parts of it?

@dave1707 ARKit doesn’t support occlusion (so AR things will always appear in front of real-life objects).

@se24vad We support 90% of the features available in ARKit. One thing I haven’t put it in is ambient light estimation.