Codea Craft 2.5.1 (94)

Report any bugs here.

93 is the same.

@dave1707 what’s new?

@em2 Apparently they never updated the what’s new info before submitting version 94. I’m just a user, so I don’t know anything new until they post it.

@john fixed some bugs in Craft rendering I think. I’ll remind him to update the what’s new next time.

There are a handful of minor word wrap issues in the reference viewer. Here’s an example.

Hi all, point of clarification - whilst using craft took one of the demos, the one that uses the 3D spaceship from the assets, and loaded a separate textured model after the first one’s model definitions. This showed me my model with lighted graphics - sheen on the model. Removing the first model came back with an error and replacing the first model with mine gave a vanilla no effect image. Do the Craft definitions overwrite any which are part of the model?

Closing this thread. New build discussion here