Codea Copilot seems a no-brainer?

As occasionally there arises the question, how can we who love Codea give more money to you who make Codea, the prospect of a subscription-based Codea Copilot AI-powered code assistant add-on seems quite germane. Want!


This would be a big help making an ai that’s specifically made for codea.

Instead of a subscription just raise the price people avoid subscriptions nowadays.

Codea needs some ongoing-revenue model because it does not support its developers and it should. A single point-of-sale increase isn’t gonna do it. Copilot AI assistants are all currently subscription-model afaik, and they’re doing just fine. People who don’t need it won’t want it, and people who do need it won’t mind paying it.

An actual GitHub Copilot inside Codea might be possible eventually, letting users simply enter their existing GitHub copilot access key. As soon as they release an API for this, we could consider implementing it.

That being said, if you already have GitHub copilot license, you can use it in Codea through Air Code. I’ve been using it with a few projects and it can give interesting results.