Codea Competition (Need input on v2)

Hello amazing programers,
We are all anxious for the Codea competition. In the mean time while TLL sets that up, I have my own little competition on my new website. Of coarse, it is a little junky, but it will do for now. You will find it here. Hurry up!

They all were amazing, but I really liked @Mark’s…

You may want to make honorary awards for existing apps. There are many existing utilities and games

Did you read the entire thing?
You could get an app under $5 for free. I will hand out certificates. You should sign up. You are an amazing coder in my opinion.

Thx, I just mean you may want to honorary award existing things so that people only submit new.

Alright. Thanks. I will. That’s a good point. You should upload something… Even if it’s already been coded.

You might want to consider giving a “theme” to your competition. For example, the recent Ludum Dare 22 was “Alone.” Another competition in Australia pulled three words out of a hat to come up with “Key,” “Badger,” and “Suit” – all of which had to feature in submitted games.

Using a theme helps ensure you’re getting something original, and it’s interesting to see how people but a differnt spin on the words. For example, in the AU competition, some people used suit as in “suit of clothes” while others used it as in “suit of cards.” One team even choose to interpret key as islands, like in “Florida Keys.”

Mark, that article about the badger game competition was pretty interesting. Thanks for posting.

Alright. Thanks to you guys for the suggestions. I have updated and changed a few things. Please, please submit your apps. I think this could be really cool if a lot of people posted their code.

I’ve been thinking of something to try and code for a while and am not sure what to do…(please don’t say be creative, my parents say that too much)

Jan 12 which time zone :slight_smile:

It can only use the space sprite pack … is Spritely allowed if it is pasted in as code? … Is use of drawing only (line, ellispe, rect like my bee)

Ldsguy1, one idea (a bit stolen from the article Matt posted in another thread) is to have your avatar floating around with a protective shield that only covers one side, and the player has to direct the shield to the left, right, up, down so that when the avatar bounces on the walls, it doesn’t die because the walls are made of a deadly laser or something.

Something like that, I haven’t thought much about it. Feel free to take and run with it. Gravity, moving the shield through the orientation of the ipad, enemies, could all work.

Sorry about that everyone. Yes, you may use the wonderful tool Spritely. The graphics must still be space related. I’ll change it.

And sorry about the messy comment leaver. I’ll see if I can fix that.


I have decided to launch F1rst!

The LOIC zaps you before you get off the ground.




(good luck to everyone :slight_smile: )


For those who can still import projects, here’s my submission as a Codea file.

I decided to go very simple – touch anywhere on the screen to thrust and… That’s it. Land on all the planets without falling into the sun or colliding with an asteroid. See how many systems you can explore.

Here’s the copy/paste version. Only three files, less than 400 lines. So it’s not so bad to load this way. No sprites at all, not even from Spritely.

@Mark, like a real arcade game, very nice

Very cool :slight_smile: i Love the Mega gravity if you come to close to the sun :slight_smile: