(Codea 4) What does style.textAlign(BASELINE) do currently

I’m new to Codea 4 and am trying things out. It seems that the text with BASELINE bitflag on or off appears at the same position, so I wonder if it is not implemented right now or something.
Also, I can’t figure out how to print to the console. Any help?

@Aya Codea version 4 is still under development. Stick with version 3. If you want to play with version 4 thats fine, but you’ll run into a lot of things that don’t work. I don’t even try to use version 4 for that reason. There are a lot of things missing in the Reference.

PS. I didn’t see BASELINE as an option for style.textAlign() in the Reference. There was TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT, MIDDLE, and CENTER. When I tried BASELINE, it acted like RIGHT.

Why do you think BASELINE should work with style.textAlign().

It is mentioned in API style part in the Codea 4 documentation, in section “Text Style - Constants - Text”, and its value is 64. I guess its expected behaviour is to ignore the descending part of the characters and treat the baseline as the bottom of the text block.

@Aya I see where you found BASELINE in the Reference. Here’s an example of BASELINE and RIGHT. I’m printing them both in the same position, but there doesn’t seem to be a difference between them. If you change RIGHT to BOTTOM, they’re also the same.

function setup()

function draw()