Codea 3.7 (369)

font() now works
sound() doesn’t crash Codea anymore

Still testing other changes

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Thanks for the quick report!

@sim Not sure about the three -‘s for annotations. I’ll have to play with that more to see what’s really happening and also read the discussion that you posted.

Yeah let me know how you find it. The idea is to make the type annotations opt-in for those who want to declare exactly what they are working with

@sim Tried the example programs that were fixed. The Roller Coaster and Animation projects seemed to work OK.

The Sounds Plus project didn’t work. There were no sounds when the buttons were pressed and in the Advanced option, none of the math.pow functions were corrected.

The sound names are kicking out deprecated errors.

Ps. I did reload the examples.

Oops. Good find on the math.pow use in Sounds Plus. Will fix for next build

When adding --- the first time, codea will add a template for description (OK)
When adding --- a second time (e.g. to add a parameter) codea will add the template a second time.

@sim The Sound Plus example still doesn’t work when pressing the different sound buttons. This error is showing.

Asset strings (“SOUND_SHOOT”) are deprecated. Please use static assets, e.g., asset. instead.

Not sure about the other updates yet.

Something that’s kind of annoying. Sometimes when I open Codea, the last project I was in automatically opens. I then have to close it before I open what I’m really trying to do. Maybe that can be an option, open last project or not.

Not sure what’s causing projects to open when I start Codea. Now they’re not opening, but every now and then I’ll get into a pattern where they will open. Not sure if it’s after a crash or what causes it.

PS. If I shrink a project and then slide it off the top of the screen, when I open Codea, it will reopen that project.

You’d prefer a setting not to open the last project? I’ll see what I can do

Thanks for the report on Sounds Plus. I fixed the math.pow use but forgot about the asset warning

@sim If I was working on a new project where I needed to get in and out of it, then automatically re-opening it would be nice. But if I’m just opening multiple projects looking/trying something, then opening the last project would be annoying.

So an option to open/not open the last project would be great. I could see that being useful.

@sim In modern(4.x), the touched function uses BEGAN and ENDED, but CHANGED doesn’t work. Instead, MOVING has to be used.

While I’m at it, showKeyboard doesn’t work. hideKeyboard probably doesn’t either. Haven’t found anything to bring up the on screen keyboard.

We don’t yet have keyboard support in the modern runtime, though I think we need a new API design for it!

@sim Thanks. I wasn’t sure if I missed keyboard code or couldn’t find anything about it.

@dave1707 @sim - also noticed the opening last file behaviour with the editor.

If you’re thinking of adding an option to re-open or not I think the best option would be to add a new selector in the ‘Do’ menu or preferences in that option of the menu. I favour a selection box in the Do menu call something like ‘Open On Load’ with a tick box next to it - which when ticked sets a flag in the project file itself. That way it’s set at project level.

@Bri_G If it’s set at the project level and multiple projects are set, then which project opens at startup. Or am I not following what you mean. I was thinking of a switch at the project list page (gear at upper right) where when set, the last project opened would be the one that reopens anytime Codea is started. That way whatever the last project you were working on would be the one that reopens. Then when turned off, you would just be at the project list page like normal.

@sim Here’s another option for the open last project. What about a button at the top of the project list page. If you tap it, it opens the last project, if you don’t, you just open whatever project you want. Nothing to set or unset.

@dave1707 - yeah good ideas, I thought the last one was more practical. Then again I thought - why bother, if you have your list of projects set up for most recent it’s only one tap to load the one you want to work with anyway.

@dave1707 - caught out recently after trying to tidy up my Idea root with my usual mess if files. I placed my dependency files in a folder. When I came to run a project using them it errored - couldn’t find the dependency. When I looked at the project dependencies the file I wanted wasn’t at the top and ticked!!!

Scrolled through the dependencies to try to find it when I found the folder list was at the bottom of the list. Tapping the selected folder gave a file list and tapping the folder restored my project. TLL ahead of the game - no idea before that folders were present in the dependency list !!!

@Bri_G I’ve always had my projects sorted in alpha order to make it easier to find something when someone had a question. If sorted by most recent, then the open last project is kind of useless since your last project is right there. I was just finding it annoying that the last project I was in kept opening when I started Codea even if that wasn’t the project I was after.

It will be nice to have performances measurements tools like the number of draw calls and the time taken by the draw() function, not only the frequency of the calls.