Codea 3.4.7 (313)

Not sure what to look for in this version, but I will play with it anyways.

One thing I found that I don’t like, (probably from some previous version) is the key that moves the cursor to the end of the line. There are a lot of times where I want to line up comments that are on multiple lines. I place the cursor at the beginning of the comment to tab it right, but the tab key is replaced by the end of line key. That might be needed using an external keyboard, but not with the built in keyboard.

@Simeon - found a funny here - whilst trying to select code by tapping on the base of it and scrolliing up when I reached the top of the code and trying to get the last few lines, literally just below the top menu bar - a small bubble appeared above my finger tip with sscrolling code in it. When my finger was just below the menu bar the bubble overwrote the gre background menu showing the code text in the white bubble. Looks like the touch and selection may be displaced.

Edit: looks like the bubble displays the top line of the code under your finger when scrolled left/right over the top menu.

@dave1707 would it help if that key didn’t appear if the cursor preceded comments?

@Bri_G that’s the magnification loupe, yeah it shows under your finger to assist with cursor placement

@Simeon That would work. Maybe even better would be if you could double up the key like some others. A long press on the key to show the second option.

@Simeon Loaded version 309 and ran the below code. While the code is running, I can swipe from the left to get back to the editor and do whatever. When I hit either of the run buttons again, nothing happens, I’m stuck in the editor. If I close the project and then go back in, same thing. The editor responds but the code doesn’t execute. I have to completely get out of Codea. I was trying the exiting even when hanging change. Not sure if I was doing what was needed.

function setup()
    while 1 do

function draw()

@dave1707 thank you for finding that so quickly! Will check it out

The bug appears to be related to swiping back, if you hit the back button it doesn’t occur. Looks like we didn’t handle it properly when you swipe, will fix!

@Simeon Loaded version 311 and Codea doesn’t hang after swiping from the left. Also, the end of line switching to a tab before a comment works OK, thanks.

Found the new physics.bodies property. Will try it out later when I have more time. So many updates lately, it’s hard to keep up.