Codea 3.4.5 version(304)

The awake variable now shows the correct status. Also, if an object shows asleep, it will wake when applyForce is used on it.

fixedUpdate is now being called.

Not sure about the other updates at this point.

i can’t really nail it down but i think performance took a hit, less bodies on the screen now before dips below 60fps

@skar Do you have a little example of what you were doing. You can always take what you have, time it, then reload a previous Codea version and time it again.

how can i reload a previous version?

@skar In TestFlight, look under App Information then Previous builds. From there you can pick from several versions.

I tried some Craft code drawing over 9000 spheres and I had the same fps in the current and previous release.

you’re right, the performance change was on my side, omitting the new code brought me back to where i had tested before

@Simeon Not sure how I got into this, but whenever I would press the .?123 key (lower left) on the keyboard, six keys would turn blue. It did this constantly no matter what project I went into or when I did a Create New. It didn’t stop until I exited Codea and went back in. I didn’t try pressing other keys to see if it would happen.

See attached image.