Codea 3.4 (281)

Loaded the latest version. First obvious difference is loading Codea. Version 280 loads in 1.3 sec. Version 281 loads in 5.8 sec. When scrolling through the projects list the first time, there’s a hesitation like it’s loading the next so many projects to show. It does that each time until all have been shown. After all of them are loaded, the scrolling is smoother.

PS. On my iPad Pro, it takes 7.7 sec to load Codea.

For me (12.9 inch ipad pro) the searchbar covers the ‘Reference’ when the left sidepanel is exposed.

Always found it annoying the codea talk button disappears when scrolling up.

@piinthesky I couldn’t figure out what you were seeing. I then re-read your post and noticed the 12.9 iPad. I loaded Codea 281 on my 12.9 iPad and immediately saw the problem. I normally use my smaller iPad Air 4 which doesn’t have that problem because it doesn’t show the side panel.

Loaded and on running maybe slightly slower. Odd for collections > to be on far right of screen. Editor very responsive, seems to get the tabbing right with inserts and carriage return. Early days yet but so far this looks like a good upgrade.

Nice little button next to settings button to bring up assets etc. And filter projects very good at pulling out projects you search for.

Crashed for me but think it’s related to the button bar at bottom - old issue with video recording selection probably inherited as in previous versions.

@dave1707 ouch, thanks for finding that loading time regression! I’ll need to see what on earth it’s doing differently. I know you have a ton of projects too, I’ll see what I can do

@piinthesky thanks for noting the layout issues on 12.9" — that will be fixed

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in this version of Codea you can drag-and-drop projects between collections

You still can’t make collections in app, but if you have folders made in the Files app you can drag-and-drop your projects between them

@Simeon The drag and drop it really nice. Works great.

@simeon i confirm the layout for 12.9 is fixed.

@Simeon - may be me but I don’t seem to be getting the same response when trying to locate assets with the asset…. Format. The option bar above the keyboard seems to have disappeared at times. Also it doesn’t respond to directories starting with numbers. I think the latter has always been the case.

Whilst searching for Dropbox I mistakenly typed dopbox. Later whilst repeating later in the code I tried Dropbox again and if offered dopbox only.

@Bri_G It’s not you, autocomplete isn’t working the way it should.

@dave1707 - thanks for the confirmation.

@Bri_G @dave1707 thank you for the report, something odd is happening with it. This wasn’t happening in the app store version was it?

@Simeon Downloaded Codea from the App Store, version 3.3.3 (280). The autocomplete seems to work OK in that version. Downloaded version 3.4 (281). Autocomplete tries to work but eventually doesn’t as more letters are keyed. Tried doing asset. but eventually got nowhere.

@dave1707 @Simeon - a bit off the wall, in my overheated state (34° in the shade) I accidently added another parameter to the text() command and the resultant text ended up at the origin. Took me ages to notice this (34° again). But it did raise the question on whether you parse the commands for the right number of variables.

@dave1707 @Simeon - the editor in 281 does feel a lot better but there is still one, annoying but not important, feature I find in situations where you have indented code. Pressing enter for a new line results in loss of indentation and sometimes an unnecessary end statement in the following line. I’d rather backspace to remove an indentation instead of repeatedly tabbing to get back to the correct insertion/indentation point.

@Simeon i notice in 281 the main codea screen does not have the word ‘Codea’ as a title anywhere, seems to me it should? Was it always like that?!

Hah I removed it! Glad you noticed, @piinthesky

I went back and forth on whether to include it. In the end I decided that the logo didn’t need to be in the actual app and focused on functionality

@Simeon @piinthesky - didn’t escape me either but think it may be possible to combine functionality with ID. Just feels a little empty at the top with no brand ID.

@Simeon, please don’t forget about the problem with line numbers above 1000, it is quite annoying if the line number of an error is in that range,

Codea’ s way of encouraging modularity.