Codea 3.3.2 (274)

@Simeon Copying and pasting this code still doesn’t work. The else gets indented too far.

PS. Also, if you do the Edit , format code drop down, it indents all the else’s.

function setup()
    if a==1 then

@Simeon Codea crashes if I select some code an do a cut.

@dave1707 consistently? I can’t seem to get it to crash on cut

On the else issue, I have that in my list, sorry I haven’t fixed it yet

@Simeon I tried to make the cut problem happen, but now I can’t. When it was happening, it did it every time. I even tried going into different projects and doing the cut and it would crash. Now I can’t get it to happen. I’ll keep an eye out for it and if I happens I’ll try to track something down.

Tried cutting and pasting within project and from another project - no crash.