Codea 3.3.2(273)

Started World generator, changed seed then pressed generate planet. Worked fine. Moved change map slider pressed generate then it crashed.

Ran World generator, tapped generate - OK. Changed seed tapped generate then crashed.

@Bri_G I tried World Generator and couldn’t get it to crash. I probably pressed the Generate button 50 times changing every slider each time.

@dave1707 - OK, @Simeon should have received a crash report which hopefully supports this. Curious to know just what info is passed in those crash reports.

But, all I can think is that I don’t re-install the demo packages every time I load a beta. So, I will update the demos and try it out again.

@Simeon - @dave1707 - tried the World generator again after restarting Codea. Crashed. Then reloaded demos and World generator ran fine although there was quite a marked halo on the planet - is that the atmosphere?

@Simeon - @dave1707 - looking at Voxel terrain, whilst checking Craft demos and came out with a couple of errors (see one in pic) pls, loadsa update asset addressing. Is there any way we can suppress these as there was at least two errors and could have been more. Error generated after tapping spawn player.

@Simeon @dave1707 -Planet Generator, pedantic but could you please add a comment at the top of the first tab that the project needs to be re-run to view the changed parameter effects. I know it’s just common sense.

@Bri_G the crash log tells me what device model you have, your iOS version, your TestFlight email, and a stack trace showing where in the native code Codea crashed

@Simeon - thanks for the info - so we don’t need to post some of the data in the forum as you receive it anyway.

@Bri_G that’s correct, though sometimes the forums remind me to check the logs (Apple doesn’t notify when new crash logs come in)

I thought I saw something a while back where people were discussing where the cursor should be placed after you paste something.

It’s very odd to me that the cursor is placed at the end of the line no matter where in the line you paste something.

@UberGoober - it’s not always the end of the line it’s often in-between the n and the d in the last end.

@Bri_G are you saying that makes it better?

Does it really matter where the cursor is. Just a tap on the screen puts the cursor where you want it. How does the editor know where you want the cursor after you paste code. I could be coding something at the top of the code and realize I need to copy/paste some code at the bottom, but I’m not going to key anything else at the bottom but continue where I was at the top. So should the cursor be placed at the bottom or at the top where it was before I did the copy.

@dave1707 lol really? Are you trying to get my goat? It’s like if I said there’s a rock in my shoe and you’re all “some people want rocks in their shoes”.

Of course it matters where the cursor is, that’s why in every editor everywhere in the entire world, in Word, in Pages, in Xcode, in Visual Studio, in Eclipse, on all web pages, in Excel, even in these comment boxes for goodness sake, when you paste something the cursor is placed at the end of what you pasted.

Like, everywhere. Literally everything does this. For Codea not to do it is jarring, unexpected, distracting, inefficient, non-standard, and, well, weird.

It’s like Command-C and Command-V (or control-C and control-V); those are the standard way to implement cut and paste on a keyboard, and if for some reason a program decided it wanted to use Command-F and Command-L for cut and paste, sure, it would suit some people better, but for almost everybody it would be jarring, unexpected, distracting, inefficient, non-standard, and, well, weird.

@UberGoober Some people don’t even have shoes and wouldn’t mind having shoes to have a rock in them. I’m sure they wouldn’t complain. But getting back to the cursor, I guess if you’re using an external keyboard it might matter, but using the built in keyboard doesn’t cause a problem. Since I use the build in keyboard, I’m OK with wherever the cursor is placed if a change is made. Whatever is easier for the external keyboard users.

I use the software keyboard exclusively and I find the non-standard behavior extremely inconvenient.

I’m used to pasting something and then immediately typing whatever I want to come after the thing I just pasted.

It’s a habit developed from using every other editing software in the world, and it’s a time-saver, because I don’t have to take a second to re-position the cursor, since I know exactly where it will be.

What happens to me again and again in Codea is that I paste something, immediately start typing, then have to stop and delete what I just wrote, because it’s appearing at the end of the line. Then I have to tap around to reposition the cursor, and then re-type what I wanted to type in the first place.

And the annoyance of having to tap around to reposition the cursor is multiplied by a fthouzillion when working with things like sprite and readImage where you often can’t tap on the words inside the parentheses without bringing up the asset browser.

Whenever I position for a sprite or readImage or the likes, I position the cursor after the last ) and use back arrow (above the o key) to move the cursor inside the (). Or else I’ll position the cursor somewhere and drag it where I want it. I’ve been doing that for so long that it seems natural to me.

@UberGoober - do you have a Mac or PC. If you do you can use Air Code and a browser, in which you type an IP address given on your iPad screen usually 192.168.0.xx:42000 or similar) at which point you get the Codea editing screen in you browser. Your pad is live so if you change anything it shoul reflect that on the screen. I find I usually have to step out of the current project, run another, step out of that and go back to the one I was editing. However it can be a little bit temperamental. I think it would be better staying in edit mode on both computer and iPad until you are happy with the edits and then run the project.

It’s not ideal but I use it when I get frustrated with the one finger keyboard on the iPad. I am in the process of finding a suitable external keyboard for editing on my iPad. It’s costly if you want to move to metal M1 and I have mentioned in one thread about possibility of using an external editor (preferably on a PC or Mac). May be a future development.

@UberGoober thanks for reporting this, it’s a bug that is being caused by the “Format Code on Paste” option. Go to Do → Preferences… and disable that (for now) to work around it