Codea 3.3.1 (268) (269)

@Simeon Are you working on this bug or did you miss my post about it. It happens as far back as version 3.2.11 (256) I have on another iPad. If you missed it, create a new project with the code below. Key in a new line of code ie. a=1, then run it. Exit back to the editor. The line of code you entered is gone. Delete the new tab and repeat, a=1. This time long press the run icon and do a “Save and Run”. Exit back to the editor. The code you keyed is still there, but the tab doesn’t show until you exit the project and go back in.

function setup()
    saveProjectTab("test","-- qwerty")

There’s two aspects to this bug that I’m trying to work through

  • Why it doesn’t work with local projects as it should
  • Coming up with a more robust solution because saveProjectTab will completely fail in the case of cloud-based or external projects

Having an API that only works with local projects (stuff in your On My iPad → Codea → Documents folder) is something I’d like to fix. It just means I need to re-think how the whole system works

I’ll follow the steps you posted above and see if I can fix it for local projects quickly

@Simeon - V268 had a funny whilst installing the JMV38 project that @UberGoober posted in a thread. Involves a lot of cutting and pasting into many tabs. When all transferred the first post in the GitHub gives a tab order. Whilst shuffling them I ended up with an unnamed tab. It disappeared as I shuffled further. Never seen this before. The project won’t run and looks like a tab order issue.

@Simeon I don’t know if you’re getting a lot of crash reports from me thru TestFlight, but I have a project the keeps crashing. I tracked it to the saveImage() command, but the same command works in other projects without crashing. The same thing happens in version 256. The line is below. I have other projects with similar saveImage lines that work OK, so I’m not sure what’s going on. The same project works on another iPad with Codea version 3.1 (208) using the same saveImage() line.


I noticed Codea will crash when I click Undo repeatedly many times. It seems to particularly be reproducible if you make a bunch of changes, click Play, then go Back, and start undoing.

@Simeon I managed to get my project down to these lines that will crash Codea for me.
The image will be saved before it crashes.

PS. If I only comment the saveImage line, it doesn’t crash. If I only comment the img:get line, it doesn’t crash.

function setup()

@skar do you still get that crash with 269?

@dave1707 thanks for the reproducible test case. Crashes my device too. I should be able to fix it

@Simeon didnt crash but then undo stopped undoing every change I made

@Simeon - V269, crash after trying to import the last zipped file from @dave1707 from the Ship&Walls project. I downloaded the zipped file to my downloads folder and then shared the zip file with Codea. The dialogue came up with a picture of the project/Icon present and I selected all from the slider. The installation seemed to have gone OK but I couldn’t find the file. So I opened the slider from the project list window to change the order from recent to named files and Codea hung up. It later fired up a crash error whilst I was searching the folder with the filer app.

Edit: still seeing this error and can’t see the uncompressed Codea files. Is there a limit on the storage capability of Codea project files or maybe all files in the Codea root folder?

@Simeon - thanks for the search on dependencies, works great. Just one issue - when you have searched and selected your dependency there is no obvious way to close the dependency window. You need to cancel, which is not that intuitive. Could need three options - another/other , cancel, done. That should allow you to exit without dependencies, add more than one and exit with selected dependencies all selected dependencies at the top of the list. But it’s great - saves me a lot of time scrolling to get cameras. Thanks.