Codea 3.2.3 (288)

@Simeon Thanks for putting the assets in alphabetical order. I did request that several releases ago, but I figured you had more important things to update. That does make things a lot easier.

@Simeon In version 3.2.4 (232), the isKeyboardShowing function doesn’t work right. If you tap in the parameter area to show the keyboard, it returns false. If you tap the screen to show the keyboard, it shows true. If you hide the keyboard it show false. Showing the keyboard by tapping in the parameter area doesn’t set something.


function setup()

function draw()
    if isKeyboardShowing then
        text("keyboard showing is true",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2)
        text("keyboard showing is false",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2)

@dave1707 it surprised me that I wasn’t already doing that. Thanks for prompting me about it

@Simeon I found where I mentioned about the assets not in alpha order anymore. That was back in version 3.0.1 (187 / 188). You logged it, but like I said, you were probably too busy with more important things.

@Simeon for me the ‘Sounds Plus’ example project is generating errors.