Codea 3.2.10 (251)

@Simeon - got an early crash as seen previously. But, this time occurred when I scrolled up from the bottom to close Codea.

Also, saved a transparent image of my screen with a few objects on it. This showed up in the icon for use in Codea. I loaded that image in a project as background but, when run the image is not transparent.

@Simeon @dave1707 - got round my problem by making a small sprite and having no background. Tried several times to get a transparent image - see the code below and play with the transparencies/opacities, background() etc setting the image up as icon for the project and taking an iOS snapshot and adding to the photos. Where does the grey screen come from?

viewer.mode = FULLSCREEN
function setup()

function draw()
    background(0, 0)
    fill(0, 0)

@Bri_G using setContext() i was able to generate a transparent image in the past.

@piinthesky - thanks for that, that will be easy to do. I’ve done this in the past but was sure I didn’t need to draw to a separate image. It’s weird how you can get a transparent project icon - but opaque screen capture!

Found a way round this and will be posting a demo soon, once I’ve finished it. Basically displaying a smaller Sprite.