Codea 3.12 (476)

@john @sim @jfperusse - I have reported several crashes recently in Codea using the latest beta when I have been playing with V3. The latest crash occurred whilst I was using simple formatting commands to draw a few rectangles on the iPad screen with a little text. I note @Dinoball901 has had several crashes too which he attributes to VSCodea. No-one else appears to see the problem.

Then it occured to me that the version of iOS I am currently running is the latest beta. Could that be the cause ???

Does 2LL have an iPad with the latest iOS beta installed so that you can anticipate code crashes due to the latest Apple beta ?

Thanks @Bri_G — I’ve seen your crash reports, they are very helpful. We’re building out a new beta to address crashes

@sim - thanks for the feedback, didn’t appear to be anything obvious causing the issue.

I am also on 18 beta 2 and have noticed an increase in hangs and crashing. Most notably after changing any code, the next run hangs for several seconds unless the full project is closed, codea is closed, then reopened and run the project there is no hang.

@kizik - interesting, most of the crashes I have experienced were whilst editing. The other occasions have been when I have switched out of Codea (not closing it) whilst I was into the iOS menu page or running another app

Kinda suggests that at least part of Codea is running in the background. Question I haven’t asked is iOS truly multitasking ? Does Codea freeze when not the active app? Any feedback on that @sim ?

I do know that’s an option at some sort of app configuration level. For example.

Pythonista on iOS continues to execute even after the app has been backgrounded.

Juno on the other hand freezes all running scripts once backgrounded and resumes when it takes focus again.

Both based on Python.

I know nothing about iOS dev.