Codea 3.10 Beta - New Beta Link

Important: I have had to reset the TestFlight testers. To re-join the beta please use this link:

There are a lot of changes in this release (many under the hood). Big ones below:


  • New sidebar in the viewer — works with Modern and Legacy runtimes
  • Parameter and output windows supports dynamic type (@Bri_G)


  • Improves stability and performance of Modern runtime. Restarting, pausing, etc should work more reliably
  • Allows parameter API to be used to create sidebar parameters for Modern runtime


  • New physics.timeStep() to change the timestep when more precision is needed


  • Increased the maximum file size supported
  • Improved Carbide support


  • Fixed responsiveness issues with objc UI controls
  • objc objects can now be compared for equality
  • Add ability to implement the same protocol multiple times
  • Support numbers for objc structs like objc.rect
  • Fixed issues when using multiple windows
  • Error message improvements


  • Tab will indent a block of code if you have a selection
  • Shift+Tab will de-indent a block of code\
  • Cmd+Z and Cmd+Shift+Z should work again for undo/redo
  • Lots of fixes and optimizations for the code editor


  • backingMode
  • displayMode
  • (Note some example projects still use these, let us know if you find one!)

I tap the link but it just opens TestFlight and shows me this:

Try hitting “Stop Testing” then re-open the link

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That did it! Thanks.

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@sim with latest beta i cannot change the state of a parameter.boolean
The changing of the tab now works.

Can you explain more about how you can’t change the state of parameter.boolean?

in the sidebar when i touch the parameter ‘switch’ to change from true to false or false to true, it always animates back to its original state!

The issue with the missing cut option sometimes when selecting text is still present.

Is it possible that something in your code is setting the value back to its original? I am unable to reproduce this (try, for example, the Parameters example project)

i tried the parameter project….there it works sometimes, sometime not. I could also change the boolean state by touching in the main display close to the parameter boolean! I really think there is something that has changed for the worse here.

In the Parameters project touching the screen does toggle the boolean parameter (it’s intentional). But it should also work by tapping in the sidebar, I’ll keep trying to reproduce too. iPad?

ahh ok!
Yes on ipad pro.

I’ll test further-maybe it is my code.

i checked my code…i don’t change the booleans, so pretty sure there is an issue.

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Thanks for checking. I wonder what is causing it! Are any of your other projects affected?

i wrote a test project with one line of code to define a parameter.boolean. I see the same thing, sometimes it will toggle, many times it returns back to the original state.

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Thanks for reporting this. I will keep testing to try to reproduce the issue

I think the new full screen button is great!

Could you make it remember the state of the parameter panel when you tap it?

If you tap it while the parameter panel is showing, it will switch to full screen mode, but if you tap it again it will just expand the bottom buttons, it won’t go back to having the parameter panel open.

I picked an old project at random to test if it has the same problem with Booleans, and at least on my iPhone, this one does:

marufight bool (130.2 KB)

@sim - thanks for the update, still working on the changes. Noted, with the new buttons in the parameter window, would it be possible to have an option there where the dual arrow button defaults to being present in the corner of the fullscreen, no parameter window with the button for open close parameter window is present in the bottom corner ?

Funnily enough I was going to suggest something along those lines. What I envisaged was a button, as I described above, which is present in any of the 4 corners (programmable moving the button into non-critical area of the screen ie where the programmer has not used the area for critical output). On touching the button a separate window can then be opened with all the relevant options we are used to - maybe even in centre screen. Note the window button widow having good contrast to show buttons up without background issues.

On pressing the capture screen button the button window closes before the screen capture).

I even wondered if it was worth making the button window programmable

Codes.options = true/false

Which you could put in the Codea templates by default.

Edit: I’ve just installed version 424 not 423.

@UberGoober - that is one neat demo !!!

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@sim my apologies for above comment, your mods do seem to operate as I described if there are no errors, several of my tests had errors present.

However this one didn’t

function setup()
    sW, sH, cW, sH = WIDTH, HEIGHT, WIDTH//2, HEIGHT//2
    south, north = HEIGHT*0.32, HEIGHT*0.72
    side = 400

function draw()
    -- This sets a dark background color 
    background(40, 40, 50)
    fill(80, 173, 233)
    stroke(255, 14, 0)
    fill(150, 233, 80)
    rect(cW, south, side, side)