Codea 3.0.1 (187 & 188)

@Simeon The find seems to work great with the keyboard. But I think it still needs some work. If I do a find on fill, it shows voxels.fill and not the standard fill. I thought at one time if there were multiple finds, all of them were shown and you could then select the one you wanted. Also, I downloaded Codea from the App Store a few days ago and that was version 3.0.0 (187). This one is also listed as (187). I’m not on iOS 13 yet so I can’t test the other fix. I usually hold off a few weeks before updating iOS until it settles down.

@Simeon I don’t know if this was posted before. Take an existing project and delete the code and then paste the below code in it‘s place. Run the code then exit back to the editor. Sometimes you have to run it multiple times before the new tab is created. Sometimes the tab will show the first time, but this code will be gone and the original deleted code will be back. This works best if the original project had been previously saved.

function setup()

@Simeon - think I’ve found a related bug here. Edited a line in the editor and then searched for a variable in search tool. When the list of hits was presented the last edit in the editors window was not in the listing. But returning to full editors modes the edit was present. Almost like the search is carried out on the previous edit - do you have a backup file for the editor which holds the previous state in case undo is requested?

@Bri_G can you reproduce that last one consistently? I’d love to know because that would help me fix that

I don’t keep the previous state, for Undo/Redo I record the edit action to apply in reverse and store that

Good point on automatically navigating to first result

@Simeon - sorry, played around with it and it seemed to reproduce OK until I realised that the narrowing of the edit widow, under search, had wrapped the edits off screen. Everything is hunky dory.

@Simeon, thanks the find works very nicely as well as the camera example.

@Simeon If you go into assets and into any of the folders, the images aren’t in alpha order anymore.

@dave1707 thanks for this report, logged it

@Simeon I don’t know if this is a problem or not. I created an error in the code, but it still runs. Try the code below.

function setup()

function draw()
    background(40, 40, 50)

@dave1707 interesting find, looks like if there’s an error in setup it’s not pausing execution

@dave1707 @Simeon - I have pointed this out before. I have seen instances where an error is fired up in the output window but the project still appears to be running as additional errors can accumulate.

Just a suggestion, not a bug, when running find and replace it would be handy if the edit window scrolled to the first instance. Not a big deal, just saves a tap on the first find - low priority.

@Simeon Currently your runtime is in Swift 5.0 so I can’t make it it compile in Xcode 11. Please do update it soon.

@Simeon, if running with display_nobuttons and then one starts a screen recording using the ios method in the top right corner, then the buttons will become visible!

All - copied link to entry into the losing code thread, about iOS 13. Also note on loss of Codea default icon in the project icon thread. @dave1707 do you think these issues are associated with not getting the Codea project icon in the open with menu. Does anyone know if the iPadOS Filing system has changed? Do app designers have to provide new icon formats?

Techie Comment

@Bri_G So far, the only time I can get Codea to lose code changes is if the project is started and crashes within about 10 seconds of the changes and I don’t use the Save and Run option. Ive been trying to force code loss by trying everything I can think of, but the above is the only way. I always run my code from within Codea and not using the File system.

I’m not following your question above to me about the Codea project icon.

@dave1707 - on the icon, I have used systems in the past which have demanded a fixed format icon and not using it led to problems. In Codea, for instance if you used .PNG instead of .png it was not recognised. Dropbox will only display certain file types, although the others are still accessible. With Apple presenting iOS 13 as iPadOS it infers big changes under the hood which could have involved changes in the size1.png and size@2x.png. Also, it could involve other means of meeting system filing requirements which developers are supposed to adopt - new rules to follow. Also, it sounds like Apple rushed iOS 13 to meet it’s annual target time line and missed a few bugs.

Apart from the crashes there is also the issue of disappearing code moving from Editor to Run and back.

@Simeon I’ve noticed this before but forgot to mention it. When I open a project, sometimes I see a grey screen background rotating as the project opens instead of the white screen background. If I close Codea and reopen it and open a project, the white screen is back. When it happens, it happens on all projects until Codea is closed. I’m not sure what causes it.

@Simeon - trivial but - I can’t set up aircode with a new file containing default first tab and blank second tab. On connection with iPad and Mac - ignores the second tab - which makes it impossible to use.

@Simeon - with Catalina is it possible to connect and read you iPad so you can shuffle files etc on the Mac.

Update: Just connected by cable Pad2Mac and selected files option from Finder with iPad (recognised and in Locations) but … I can see all Apps but not Codea???