Codea 2.6.2 (127)

@Simeon All of my projects that began with a . (period) are gone. I assume that’s because of the changes for Files. I used the . so those projects would be sorted at the beginning of my project list. I can either revert to a previous version and rename those projects or rename them on my other iPad and send them over.

PS. I reverted to a previous version and renamed the projects and reloaded ver 122. Is there code that prevents an invalid project name from being entered when a new project is created.

I cant see any of my projects inside the files app. Or did I misunderstood this one?

@Simeon When you select Duplicate to copy a project, you don’t fill in the name like you did in previous releases. That means you can’t use the backspace key or move the cursor to alter the name. It was better when you filled in the name.

PS. Duplicate doesn’t work. When you key in a new name, the copied project is just like when a new project is created.

@se24vad They should show up there. All of mine do.

@Simeon The project sort order for Codea doesn’t match the project sort order for Files. A project named _qq show as the first project in Files, but shows after projects beginning with numbers in Codea. I’m trying to find something so certain projects always show at the beginning of the sort order.

PS. The # works. The projects show at the beginning of the list in both Files and Codea.

@dave1707 do I look up the wrong directory? I’m looking inside of root iCloud Drive for “Codea” or something. Shade is there but nothing else. I’ve attached a screeny.

@se24vad In Settings, when you select Codea, how do you have Document Storage checked. On mine I have On My Ipad checked. Don’t know if that matters.

@se24vad perhaps they are in: On my ipad/Codea

@Simeon - aaaargh chaos, a lot of my recent files won’t run. They mostly use a viewer object and throw out an error relating to touches. The Craft demo cameras doen’t Work. Trying to delve into the cause now.

@dave1707 file names beginning with period are generally hidden by convention, I didn’t realise this was being used for sorting. What you can do is create a new folder in the under On My iPad → Codea and Codea should put those projects into their own collection.

Thanks for the report on duplicate project — will pre-fill the name and fix.

@se24vad no iCloud Drive support (yet). Your files should be in On My iPad → Codea.

@Bri_G is it possible the dependencies became unticked? Can you share a project with me that is affected by this?

Thanks everyone for testing this release. It’s a major overhaul of how Codea interacts with the filesystem so that projects and directories can be moved around without needing to restart Codea each time. I’d like to get this right and then apply the same system to how assets are managed. Then eventually we can support iCloud Drive and external document providers.

@dave1707 this update also changes the project persistence API (listProjects, createProject, etc). I know that you tend to use these, so please let me know if you find any problems with them.

@Simeon That’s what I’m looking into right now. I tried my search project and it wasn’t working. Im trying to figure out what’s not working with them.

@Simeon readProjectTab isn’t working. It works when reading my projects, but doesn’t work on the Example or Craft projects. Apparently it needs to know that it’s an Example or Craft project but I can’t figure out how. For example, I was using readProjectTab(LIghts:Main) but now I think it needs “Craft:Lights:Main” so the first Craft tells it that it’s in the Craft file. I assume the other functions will work the same way, they need to know the file it’s in.

PS. As for the period I used for sorting, I can use the # and it works in Files and Codea to keep those projects first.

@Simeon - the dependencies were all ticked. An example has been provided by @dave1707 in his Create example Spheres a recent demo. I have attached the printout of the error from that for you to check. I’m on iOS 12 and 2.6.1(122) iPad Pro 2017.

@Simeon - I believe the problem involves the cameras demo used as a dependency. @dave1707 posted a model demo in starter game 22 (the last code listing) which uses the camera() function without the cameras dependency for the viewers. In fact setting the cameras dependency on with that demo has no effect, understandable since there is no call to the routine within cameras.

@Bri_G @Simeon I ran my spheres example and I got the error. What I did to fix it was to make sure Craft, Cameras, and Touches was checked. I checked the Cameras example and Touches is checked there so I don’t know why it has to be checked again in my code.

@dave1707 so you had to un-check them and re-check them?

Looks like the broken projects are down to how dependencies are tracked. We used to just put the project name in the dependency list (e.g., “Touches”) but now it needs to be fully qualified (i.e., “Craft:Touches”)

I’m going to write some migration code that validates all project dependencies when you open a project.

@Simeon I didn’t have to uncheck and recheck them. In my program I had to check Touches. I already had Craft and Cameras checked there. But when I looked in Cameras, Touches was checked there. So I was confused as to why I had to check Touches in my program if it was already checked in Cameras.

PS. When I checked Touches in my program, it wasn’t fully qualified. If I unchecked it, I goy the error that @Bri_G shows. If I check it again, the program runs. So maybe the dependencies aren’t being recognized like they used to be.

@Simeon in the AR Faces example, you should probably print a message that the hardware doesn’t support it, if they don’t have the latest ipads. At the moment it just displays ‘ar paused’.