Codea 2.5.2 (98)

Not all of my projects show up in the dependency list. Of my 500+ projects, only 26 projects show up. That give me a idea. Instead of showing all of my projects, can only projects with the word dependency as a comment in the second line be shown as a dependency. That way I or other users don’t have to scroll thru a lot of projects to select something as a dependency.

Autocomplete appears to be working for dependencies.

Edit: What’s new in 2.5.2 (98)


• Autocomplete now completes from dependencies as well as your main project. How did we not have this before?


• Fixed a Find/Replace crash on iOS 9

@dave1707 wow thanks for the quick feedback.

I disabled showing Projects in the dependency list if they only have a “Main” tab (since that is never imported when you import a dependency). I figured it would clean up the list a bit.

My future plan, once we officially support custom folders of projects, will be to prioritise any projects you put in a “Library” folder. That, or allow you to long-press on a project and mark it as “Library.”

@Simeon I have to admit that it cleaned up the list a lot for me. Allowing a long press and selecting Library would be perfect.

@simeon, the block commenting out of a section of code using - -[[ and - -]] does not show up as green in the editor anymore? Nevertheless, the code is disabled, but it can be rather confusing when trying to read the code.

@piinthesky it highlights green for me (though it takes about half a second before it does). Which iOS version are you on? What device? Are you able to reproduce it consistently?

When I type - -[[ everything below it turns green. When I type - -]] to close the comment then everything between them are green.

Ditto as @dave1707 - have seen some anomalies in the past but couldn’t reproduce them on 2.5.2(98) IPad Pro iOS 11.0.3

Yay autocomplete across dependencies!
<GIF of Alladin singing “whole new world”>

Still extant: scrolling bug. Example: open Cameras, go to OrbitViewer tab, scroll down to line 88, tap in the sidebar to select the whole line. The keyboard scrolls in and the editor scrolls the text up way too far, so the line at the top of the screen is around 125-135. Happens in any large tab.

@Simeon I like that idea (for the dependencies). Currently, is there a simple way to export a project and all its dependencies (or even those dependencies’ dependencies)?
I tried reading the Info.plist for simple export, but io couldn’t read the projects in my Library folder.

  • Since material shaders don’t work in Shader Lab, can they be disabled until that is fixed?
  • Tapping on multiple sounds in the sound generator, I found that occasionally, previous sounds I have tapped will play again with sounds I am currently generating, layering over one another and blasting my iPad’s speakers. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

@UberGoober I can confirm the scrolling bug—it happens in all my projects with tabs that have many lines. I can tap on the sidebar to select any line at the bottom and the editor scrolls away.

I like the feature where you can swipe left and right while the keyboard is up and the cursor will move incrementally.

Hey @Simeon I think I now know why my find & replace didn’t work… – its the keyboard shortcut! Whenever I press CMD+F it does refuse to find anything. But when I tap the search icon it does its job as its supposed to do. So something with the keyboard shortcut binding must went wrong in your code.

@se24vad interesting, I’ve logged the issue and will give it a try. Does Cmd+F not even bring up the search sidebar?

@em2 yes we should remove materials from the Shader Lab for now

@John, @Simeon,

Few points - may have been raised before but if not my apologies:

  1. Copying example text from the Codea reference is very difficult now, takes a lot of messing around to deselect the line numbers. If used with line numbers all you paste is the last number of the script e.g for the entity.lua example ‘42’.
    Can you remove the line numbers or open a page with the real selectable text a la Gist?

  2. Messing with Surfaces on the cube demo and trying different surface textures of my own had problems until I realised the the only images you could use for the Surfaces had to be a true square ie 512x512 or 513x513 etc. I expected the textures to be scaled from any (reasonable dimension) to that of the object surface size, cube in this instance, but if not a true square the texture is ignored - at least it doesn’t bomb out.

  3. On the skybox front I can’t find any reference to = nil

Constructions in the text - can you point me to where it is?

@Simeon yes it does open the search bar. but it does not search anything

Hi @John got the skybox working, copied out the files in Environments into Documents, copied and an edited the json file from Environments into Documents and ran - no problem. Used my skybox images - wouldn’t work. After a lot of messing around found that the error was due to 1 pixel line on a few of the images - Dohhhhh!!!

Now I need to find a few decent skybox images as the one I have doesn’t blend well at the corners and there are shade differences at the interface.
Is there a way of adding a skysphere like JMV38 and Ignatz used as the finish is far superior (your skybox is superb though).

@Simeon Here’s something I ran into while working on another project. I stripped it down to just these lines of code. Run the code below. Tap in the parameter.text area. The keyboard will show. Tap the < to hide the parameter window. See the position of the Codea icons half way up the screen. This happens on my iPad Air and iPad Pro.


function setup()