Codea 2.3.5 (71) Beta

This contains a fix for Xcode export. Since I don’t do anything with Xcode, I’ll have to pass any testing to all who use Xcode.

Thanks @dave1707 — I think it’s OK so I’ve put it through review for now.

Next update is a complete rewrite of Dropbox sync (out of necessity).

@Simeon Not sure if this is a real problem or not. I’m increasing the size of a Sprite and it crashes Codea when the size reaches around 500. I’m doing a collectgarbage so the memory usage remains low. I can start the size at different values and it crashes at different values, so when it reaches a specific size isn’t the problem.

function setup()"memory")"size")

function draw()
    background(40, 40, 50)
    sprite("Space Art:Green Explosion",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2,size,size)

@dave1707: I suspect this is because that is a vector sprite and so increasing the size every frame causes codea to render it to a texture and cache it (temporarily) for every size variant you use. Collecting garbage doesn’t help since it’s stored internally.

@John Thanks. I was just curious since memory wasn’t increasing. Not something I’m going to do anyways.