Codea 2.3.4 (68) Beta

@Simeon Just loaded Codea 2.3.4 . Can you give some examples that we can test to see if what you changed is actually fixed. The change descriptions don’t give enough information to test.

@dave1707 it should be less crashy, unfortunately I can’t say exactly where because the sorts of crashes this build aims to fix are the ones that are not reproducible.

It also upgrades Lua to the latest release of the language. If everything is running smoothly for you then that’s the best feedback

@Simeon Thanks. I’ll start playing with it to see how it goes.

@Simeon One thing I noticed so far is that copying a section of code and then pasting it at the last line crashes Codea. That been happening for a few releases anyways. I may have put it in the issue tracker back when I first mentioned it.

@dave1707 thank you! I’ll try reproduce and fix

@warox I’ll post soon about beta invites — at the moment there’s no new stuff in the beta, just fixes.

@dave1707 I’m not able to crash by pasting code on the last line, is there a particular way you are able to reproduce this?

@Simeon I just tried something different. After you copy some code, if you tap the screen in the editor area of the last line and do a paste, the copy works. If you tap the screen in the line number area of the last line and do a paste, Codea crashes.

@Simeon I’m left handed, so I hold the iPad with my right hand. That probably makes it easier for me to tap in the line number area of the screen with my left hand whenever I do a paste.

@Simeon Are you still looking into how I can get rid of my second Dropbox folder. One of them is Dropbox.assets and the other one is Dropbox.assetpack.

@dave1707 fantastic, thank you for those instructions. I’ve reproduced the crash.

Yes I’ll try to eliminate your spare Dropbox asset pack in the next build.

Thanks @dave1707 that was a longstanding paste bug and it’s good to have it fixed.

The next build will also stop displaying anything with the old assetpack extension (though it won’t delete them). Let me know how this goes for you.

@Simeon I found something else.

If I type for a=1,10 do and then press return, the cursor is positioned below the f in the word for and not indented to the next tab position. The same thing happens with if a==5 then, the cursor isn’t indented.

@dave1707 is that a new issue? I don’t recall that happening in the past. I’ll have to figure it out

@Simeon I just noticed it with this release. I think I would have noticed it in the previous release.

@Simeon what @dave1707 told is a new issue. Happened to me since the last beta (68). Creating a fallowing constructs do not indent next line and do not auto-close them by appending an “end” tag:

if true then
while true do
for i=1, 10 do

seems like the key words (then, do) don’t get recognized anymore.

\# EDIT:
I noticed pressing return after “then” or “do” then putting cursor again behind it and pressing return second time, makes it work.
Or just appending a blank space after "then " or "do " does work too.

@se24vad thanks so much for the additional details. I’ll try have this fixed by the next build.