Codea 2.1 Released

Hey everyone

Codea 2.1 should be available shortly! It’s a big update: multithreaded renderer, redesigned project browser, plain text assets, lots of little improvements.

It’s the 23rd free update to Codea since release. If you like it and want to support us please consider leaving a review (or updating your review for a previous version).

my rating is up, come on, all of you :-bd

Christmas come early! Off to update my review

Woo hoo - it’s live in the UK store, updating NOW!!! :slight_smile:
Merry Christmas @Simeon - also congrats on making it to the Apple ad, they must be taking notice, can only be a good thing!

Actually I have a quick request - before everyone does upgrade to 2.1 - I think one of the previous examples is missing. There was one demo that was used to demonstrate the mesh function that had hundreds of the gem sprites spinning around in a circle and you could touch the screen to add more.

I can’t find it in 2.1 so if possible can someone post it before upgrading please?


Yes!! :slight_smile:

@TechDojo that’s true, it’s gone as is the Spritely demo. I will repost the code for the missing examples shortly.

(Spritely was a bit out-of-date, I’ll be looking at putting in something along the same lines again in the future)

@Simeon - many thanks for that, that was a cool demo and I enjoyed playing with it.
I also suspect there might be a few requests for Spritely as well.

Also just checked - the export option now supports iPhone 6 & 6+ and this works in the latest xCode simulator (as does the custom font stuff!) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cheers all round methinks!

Also note that examples are editable in Codea 2.1. If you need to restore them you can do so from the bottom of the settings panel.

Congratulations for being mentioned on Apple ad and iPad Air’s main page. I hope it would help Codea sale. I’m proud to be a Codea user.

I request Cider to be included as example on the next update. Cider will help many Codea users to create form-based app. Unless, of course, TLL provides UI library.

Thank you.

Congrats, its a surprise, the most awesome code app.

@Simeon, when I select all and after press the comment button, it just comment the first line :frowning:

@erickyamato sorry about that, appears to be a bug. If you make the selection one character less then it should work as normal. Can you log it on the issue tracker?

@Simeon yes, I can!

Don’t you just love that “new Codea” smell? :slight_smile:

The shiny new Codea 2.1 is also featured pretty visibly in the Hour of Code section of the App Store.

@Simeon glad to see the record function is back, however it appears to record only the image (no sound).

@Simeon - I know this is probably the wrong place to suggest it, but… :slight_smile:
If you’re going to be patching Codea any time soon to fix @ericyamoto’s bug is there any chance you can sneak in a rename option for projects?

I know I can duplicate and create a new name and then delete the original, but it’s a bit of a pain…

And you though thought we’d all be happy with 2.1 and shut up for five min’s muhawhaw


Actually come to think of it - as the runner was open sourced a while back, have you thought about putting the front end up on GitHub and then accepting Pull requests for feature enhancements? I’d be more than happy to contribute code to a licence that meant you still own all the rights to the code and are only person allowed to publish Codea to the appstore.

Congratulations on being selected for the hour of code highlight. 5 star review posted to UK App Store.

The update seems to have broken this code:

@Simeon I’m using this code into my project to create my own splash screen:

if (ElapsedTime<2) then
        background(255, 255, 255, 255)
        sprite("Documents:AmarganA_Logo", WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2)
        sprite("Documents:Erick_Black", 130, HEIGHT-750, 250, 50)

But now, it didn’t show me my image, just a gray screen. What is going on?