Code Snippets

I am hoping someone has provided (or will or can provide) some generic code to make program options using constructed ‘buttons’. I have put the word in inverted commas as I guess that - as I am learning from Codea - that the iPad doesn’t really have buttons as such but more or less prescribed areas of the screen that can do stuff when touched. I’m not really fussed about the shape or color etc of buttons.
I am guessing that many readers of this forum would be abhorrent to my request labeling such a suggestion as coming from a freeloader but I say why re-invent the wheel…Anyway one can only ask. The gratitude is inherit as being a Codea forum member. Maybe one day I’ll contribute something very outstanding…

There are many people ,who shared their coding, making the button.

The one that I like is ButtonD from @Alex812a

But you can use the built-in font instead of customized font.