Code Sharing Restrictions Relaxed by Apple

What happened?

According to the Apple Developer Terms of Service, the clause preventing code sharing has been removed / reworded to make apps like Codea exempt from the restrictions:

What does this mean?

We are still being cautious but this potentially means that we can re-instate project sharing via iTunes File Sharing and Project Import. We are exploring possibilities for integration with Working Copy, iCloud and Dropbox as well as the new iOS 11 features :smiley:.

^ My English is bad, but isn’t worse? Not sure what that means, really.

@TokOut I think some of the wording is ambiguous (such as the 80% of the screen rule) so we’ll have to submit an update containing the sharing features to see if Apple will actually accept it.

The third point of the second paragraph says that precompiled libraries are not allowed. Wouldn’t that mean that we would have to remove LuaSocket and other such libraries that are in Codea?

I beleive that refers to the practice of downloading precompiled libraries as they would not be approved by Apple and could significantly alter the functionality of the app.

great news!

they also seem to merge osx and ios more and more with each update. ios11 now even has something similar to a finder… its getting interesting:)

Cautious optimism here! =)

The initial submission we’re making just restores the ability to import Codea projects from zip files or from .codea bundles. If that’s accepted we’ll be looking into how to make it easier and more pleasant to get code in and out of Codea, working with third-party Git clients, and such.


Still “In Review” so I wouldn’t celebrate yet

The latest version 2.3.7 has been approved and thus code sharing (via project import and export) is now available for everyone!

Here’s how to export and import by @Simeon:

???sss! congrats!

Woot! Finally, this is awesome! =)