Cider 1-Cider 2?, Where is Cider up to now?

especially @Mark and @aciolino … what is the Cider “status of the art” now? Is there a stable executable “stand alone-all comprehensive” version? Will it someday become “part” of Codea as “preferred” or “suggested” code-builder?

@luger The answer is… both. I’m maintaining Cider as a “flat,” simple model of controls on screen. @aciolino has created Cider 2 as a windowed environment with some features not found in the original. I believe both versions have value. Make sense?

I’m working on version 1.7 of Cider, which (I hope) will introduce a couple of cool features.

Whether either will ever become a more “official” part of Codea, well, that’s up to @Simeon and @John.

Actually, Coder2 controls are standalone and windowed. Te primary purpose was for windowing, but I also have a requirement for standalone.

I have a demo app that searches Bing for images and shows thumbnails, using the same controls for each version.

Since Codea has a recording bug with clip() I haven’t cut a video of it yet, I’ll get around to it…someday!

So, one isn’t better than the other, they just had different reasons. And I’ve been leeching controls from @Mark since he first put out Cider, so he’s the authority.

.@Aciolino can you post the links to your lib? I cant find them. Thanks

I din’t get Cider (nor 1 neither 2)I till now as I’m still struggling with Codea, I only saw the videos of it but think that it should be a “natural evolution”.
Codea, for what I was able to see till now (I’m still in the first steps of learning it) it’s really something interesting and valuable, nice, simple to use, intuitive, and based on a great idea : to use iPad to built app for iPad, but… Indeed iPad was not intended to have people mainly typing on it! :wink: its a lot more about to touch, to draw with your fingers, to move things here and there on the screen, to browse, search, select, cut and paste… I think that a “graphic driven code builder” may really be the logical “evolution” of Codea

I disagree with this. There are things like that around ( see scriptKit) and they usually have limited functionality. I hope that the main emphasis on the development of Codea remains in expanding functionality rather that the GUI (which is great BTW)

I new to codea I had it over a year and now just starting to look at the codes, I believe that the GUI code will help others ( me as well ) to make some headway in creating apps. I have been waiting for something like this to help me create a GUI interface but I am having a problem with reading data from files, text or xls. The files have over 3.5k lines, so the cider has helped me to get started

.@Aciolino & @Mark: i think i have downloded cider1 recently. The problem i have with it is its slow response time: i want real time controls, that i can add to real time apps. Is cider2 solving for this? If yes, where is it? I cant find a working version of it.

@Jvm38 slow response in what way? I created the two dial controls expressly to deal with changing values. Like this…

-- Generated by Cider
-- Add CiderControls as a dependency
function setup()
     dialX = Dial('X', 60, 740, 240, 870, 0, 100, 35, test_Clicked)
     dialX.fontSize = 10
     dialY = Dial('Y', 60, 520, 240, 670, 0, 100, 35, test_Clicked)     
     dialY.fontSize = 10
     dialZ = Dial('Z', 60, 320, 240, 470, 0, 100, 35, test_Clicked)    
     dialZ.fontSize = 10
     label1003 = Label('Gravity X component', 160, 780, 400, 830, 
     label1003.fontSize = 22
     label1004 = Label('Gravity Y component', 220, 580, 340, 610, 
     label1004.fontSize = 22
     label1005 = Label('Gravity Z Component', 220, 380, 340, 410, 
     label1005.fontSize = 22

function draw()
     background(194, 194, 194, 255)
     dialX.val = Gravity.x * 50 + 50
     dialY.val = Gravity.y * 50 + 50
     dialZ.val = Gravity.z * 50 + 50

I aree with @Mark; curious what is “slow” in Cider…also, when you mention real-time controls, do you mean dynamically allocating and deallocating items in an app? Do you mean GUI response time?

I can say that Cider2 is not optimized for speed, though I do use clip() to manage both the rendering to the screen as well as the Window Management.

And no one has seen Cider2 yet becuase it’s a huge library or work and it’s not published anywhere becuase I haven’t uploaded it anywhere.

Thank you both for your answers. Cider2 status is clear now. For Cider1 i have downloaded from the two links you posted recently @Mark, i have the feeling when i tap on button that the response is not immediate. But it might me doing bad use. I will do some FPS measirements while cider1 is running to be more factual, and come back to you. Thanks.

@cornelluhoffman: my previous comment was not about the GUI of Codea that is great, even if it may (as everything in the world) be further improved. I was thinking to a possibility to have a sound “WYSIWYG branch” of Codea : …a branch of it not an absorbing evolution… (WYSIWYG it’s always “limited”) code writing will and should always be the “tree” …

Surely the answer is to include Cider(2) - or whatever - as one of the sample apps. Then it can be included in people’s projects if they want and ignored if they don’t. No need for branches then.

Hear hear